Over the past few years Cartoon Network has aggressively chased the video game market, licensing out its characters for games on all machines when not outright making them themselves. Now they’ve introduced their most ambitious venture in that direction to date: Cartoon Network Arcade.

It’s the one-stop destination for every CN-based app game going forward. One would assume the premise would allow CN to simply recycle the dozens of existing games starring their cartoon properties, but the network is going all-in by launching with fifteen new games — and more are on the way.

The Amazing World of Gumball – Gumball’s Block Party
Climb as high as you can to stay ahead of the collapsing blocks. Collect and play 5 Gumball characters.

Apple and Onion – Bottle Catch
Toss bottles back and forth between Apple and Onion to build up speed, then launch them into the air to collect coins.

Adventure Time – Rainicorn’s Flying Colors
Match rows of cards to clear the board. Unlock 32 unique Adventure Time characters.

Ben 10 – Brains vs Bugs
Run, jump and climb as Grey Matter races after the Bugg Brothers.

Ben 10 – Xingo Mayhem
Xingo is on the loose! Play as Humungousaur, Rath or Slapback to juggle the cartoon villain’s barrage of falling objects.

Craig of the CreekBounceback
Help Craig overcome the challenge of the Sewer Kids in this bouncy block breaker.

Craig of the Creek – Camp Cardboard
Tap to accumulate resources and help Craig build the best cardboard fort ever.

OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes – Go Go KO!
Run and dodge with K.O. through an endless stream of Jethros, then turn into T.K.O. to bust up some robots.

The Powerpuff Girls – Rainbow Wreckers
Help the Powerpuff Girls blast through Allegro’s rainbows in this quick reflex color-matching game.

Steven Universe – Shattered Dreams
Jump and slide your way through Steven’s worst nightmares in this fast-paced endless runner.

Summer Camp Island – Contagious Cuteness
Start a magical chain reaction. How long can you keep the cuteness going?

Teen Titans Go! – Smashy Piñata
It’s Beast Boy’s birthday! Keep hitting the pinata in the air to see how much candy you can get.

Teen Titans Go! – Teen Titans GOAL!
Tap to kick the ball, score goals and defeat the soccer trolls. Rack up coins to unlock all 5 Titans!

Unikitty! – Royal Highness
Time your jumps just right to stack jellybeans all the way into space. Collect and play all of Unikitty’s friends.

We Bare Bears – Stack Tracks
Keep the bear stack on the right track by rotating tiles in the path and using power-ups from their friends.

The Cartoon Network Arcade app also interacts with the shows themselves, and not in the clunky “collect a Magisword” manner introduced two years ago. This app actually scans any episode you hold your camera to and instantly knows which series it came from. You get a digital figure, straight out of the episode, to add to your collection. Slick!

Cartoon Network Arcade is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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