Today Infinity Ward blew the curtain off the multiplayer mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the reboot heading to consoles and the PC this fall. They showed off the mode in a livestream captured on Twitch this morning (might as well watch it — it’s not like you’re gonna watch Ninja). But they revealed more than that….they told us when the mode will first become playable outside the studio.

The beta sessions are on their way! The first one will be a Playstation 4 exclusive, running from September 12 through September 16. The first two days will be reserved for those with preorders, while the final three will be open to all.

The second beta test is meant to demo the crossplay, and will be functional across Playstation 4, XBox One and the PC. It begins September 19, and once again, the first two days are just for people who already gave Activision money (wonder why that is). The open crossplay beta begins September 21, and the whole thing wraps up September 23.

“Our goal with Modern Warfare is to bring all gamers together from day one to play together,” said Patrick Kelly, creative director and co-studio head at Infinity Ward, in a press release. “We’re doing away with the season pass; we’re delivering a mix of free maps, a ton of content following launch, and we’re developing the game for crossplay. We’re live-testing now, and fans will get to try for themselves next month in the Beta. This is a new day for Call of Duty multiplayer, and today is just the start — we have many more exciting reveals coming for fans that we can’t wait to share.”

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, multiplayer and all, premieres on consoles and PC October 25.