Italian game creators Irealy Games have announced their new digital card game creation, Burning Alliance. A crowdfunding campaign is now under way.

Burning Alliance seeks to add some new twists to the traditional CCG experience. “As a die-hard fan of collectible card games, I wanted to bring something different to the market”, says Pietro Ghidini, art director. “The gameplay combines classical CCG mechanics with innovative elements such as equipment, a system in which cards are of three different levels and there’s no distinction based on rarity, and, of course, the possibility of fusing them together.”

  • Quick matches and ranked battles in multiplayer mode. Four different characters to choose from in the story mode.
  • All progression can be earned via gameplay only, by gaining experience points and Gears in both single and multiplayer mode. New card packs can also be bought through the in-game store.
  • Four different kinds of equipment for your character (helmet, armor, weapon and boots) to gain special bonus effects.
  • A deep crafting system to widen deck building strategies.
  • The game will be free to play, with a system that rewards the players’ ability over their purchases.

“I strongly believe in this project, and almost 70% of the game has already been self-funded,” says Ghidini. “All we need now is a little boost to speed things up and add all the features we want to include. We also want to gather the feedback of players and build a community around the game to make Burning Alliance what fans really want.”

The campaign has just begun, with a goal of 15,000 Euros or $17,362. You can contribute to the campaign and get your own copy of Burning Alliance by heading here.

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