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Batman The Animated Newsletter #90

Batman The Animated Newsletter #90

Batman: The Animated Newsletter
Weeks of April 9 – April 22, 2001
Volume 4,
Rated: PG for some “low-key coarse language and occasional griping”





Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton
-who’s pumped, baby…pumped!
New episodes are on the horizon! Here’s what we can expect in the near future…

Batman Beyond #52
Air date: April 7, 14, 2001
Synopsis: Zeta returns to Gotham but falls into the hands of Mad Stan, who turns him into a walking time-bomb. Written by Rich Fogel and Paul Dini.

Batman Beyond #47
Air date: April 7, 2001
Synopsis: A little kid gets a glimpse of the face under the Batman mask. Written by Hilary J. Bader.
(courtesy of Toonzone & Kids’WB!)

Kids’WB! currently airs BATMAN BEYOND on weekdays and weekends. Remember, Kids’WB! is notorious for switching schedules around at the very last minutes. Batman Beyond currently airs at 11:30am (ET) on Saturdays and during a 3-4pm block on Monday-Thursday. Check out these links if we are unable to update our schedule:

If our schedule is not updated, then go to the following URL. It will ALWAYS contain the most up-to-date schedule possible:

Mon 04-09-01: B-BEYOND #?? Where’s Terry
Mon 04-09-01: B-BEYOND #?? King’s Ransom

Tue 04-10-01: B-BEYOND #09 Spellbound
Tue 04-10-01: B-BEYOND #04 Golem

Wed 04-11-01: B-BEYOND #?? Speak No Evil
Wed 04-11-01: B-BEYOND #46 Inqueling

Thu 04-12-01: B-BEYOND #?? Curse of the Kobra (Pt. 1)
Thu 04-12-01: B-BEYOND #?? Curse of the Kobra (Pt. 2)

Fri 04-13-01: NONE

Sat 04-14-01: B-BEYOND #52 Countdown <———-NEW!!!!

Mon 04-16-01: B-BEYOND #??
Mon 04-16-01: B-BEYOND #??

Tue 04-17-01: B-BEYOND #??
Tue 04-17-01: B-BEYOND #??

Wed 04-18-01: B-BEYOND #??
Wed 04-18-01: B-BEYOND #??

Thu 04-19-01: B-BEYOND #??
Thu 04-19-01: B-BEYOND #??

Fri 04-20-01: NONE

Sat 04-21-01: B-BEYOND #??
(BATMAN on YTV – courtesy of our friends at YTV)

BATMAN BEYOND will be returning to show the remainder of its 52 episode run to YTV shortly!
Keep reading here in future issues for details!

YTV currently has the rights to air all 109 episodes of BTAS. YTV usually airs these episodes in either chronological order, or in the original order they aired on Kids’WB! and FOX. Batman now airs at 3:40am Monday – Friday (well, technically, Tuesday – Saturday). If our schedules are not updated or are inaccurate, please use these links:

Mon 04-09-01: BTAS #91 Never Fear

Tue 04-10-01: BTAS #92 Joker’s Millions

Wed 04-11-01: BTAS #93 Growing Pains

Thu 04-12-01: BTAS #94 Love is a Croc

Fri 04-13-01: BTAS #95 Torch Song

Mon 04-16-01: BTAS #96 The Ultimate Thrill

Tue 04-17-01: BTAS #97 Over the Edge

Wed 04-18-01: BTAS #98 Mean Seasons

Thu 04-19-01: BTAS #99 Critters

Fri 04-20-01: BTAS #100 Cult of the Cat

Cartoon Network has the right to air all 109 BTAS episodes, as well as all 54 SUPERMAN episiodes. Cartoon Network currently airs both shows in rotation and together during the weekday Toonami block. Since Cartoon Network is unpredictable with their schedules, we may be unable to keep up with them. Please, use these links to find out the schedule information you need:

Here is where you can find an air date schedules:
(by Justin Chen and/or Zanna)

All of Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton’s reviews of the new-style BTAS episodes and BATMAN BEYOND can be found via these links, which link to “Two-Face’s Tower of Tranquility and Terror”:


The creative team for this column alternates between Zanna and Justin Chen, two loyal subscribers and great friends of ours here. Any other reviews printed here are written by editor Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton. Enjoy!

With no new episodes debuting, we have nothing to review…anyone wanna submit reviews of older BTAS episodes? We’re always taking submissions!

THE CALL (Pt. 2)
Story by Paul Dini and Alan Burnett
Directed by Stan Berkowitz
Animation by Koko Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Dong Yang Animation Co., Ltd.
Original airdate: November 18, 2000
My rating: ***** (Out of five stars)

(For a review of PART ONE, check out BTAN #86.)

THE CALL Part 1 is summarized in a series of flashbacks ending with Bruce arming Terry (as Batman) with a special weapon needed to fight the JLU traitor. When Batman returns to the JLU Tower, he shows league members the Batplane’s recording of the battle during which Warhawk was lost in a massive explosion. The recording shows the traitor remotely detonating the missile that Warhawk is guiding into space. The JLU members are thunderstruck and unwilling to believe the evidence in the recording. Before the members get physical with Batman, Warhawk appears and convinces them that Batman is right in naming the traitor.

When confronted, the traitor attacks all the league members and a massive fight ensues. Batman attempts to use Bruce’s secret weapon on the renegade, but delays for a fraction of a second. Batman loses his opportunity to subdue the traitor and the traitor escapes. The remaining team members conclude that the quisling fled to a secret base and Batman, aided by Bruce, leads them there.

At the secret base, the team again takes on the traitor. This time, Batman does use the secretweapon to overpower the betrayer. Once the traitor is subdued, one of the league makes telepathic contact with the traitor and discovers the reason for his strange behavior. Can Batman and the remaining league handle the “real” enemy?


This story was based on silver age and later comic book story lines, including the original story in The Brave and the Bold #28 (which was reprinted in The Justice League of America #39 and The Justice League of America Archives, Volume 1). Later, the enemy appeared in The Crisis on Infinite Earths #9, and The Justice League of America #189, as well as in several Secret Files and Origins and Who’s Who in the DC Universe.

Of course, in this episode, it’s the Batman team of Terry and Bruce that wins the day, a variation on the original story. But in both story lines, it’s the non-metahuman that makes the difference, not the super-powers of the Justice League.

THE CALL Part 2 also featured a flashback from a previous animated episode that brought the comic book story into the animated series setting.

The fight scenes were well staged. Each combatant fought using his or her particular fighting style. Some of the fights were fought outside in various climates and also under water. These elements and scenes were also nicely rendered.

In one scene, Bruce asks why Terry delayed in using the special weapon on the traitor. Terry’s response is priceless. The camera quickly moves to Bruce, back in the Batcave, with the barest hint of a smile on his face.

Batman is treated like a kid and an amateur by the JLU, pretty much the same way that Bruce treated and sometimes still treats him. Even the child Green Lantern seems to be more experienced than this Batman is, as is evidenced in the scene involving little blue pellets.

The last scene in the episode has Superman offering Batman a permanent place in the JLU. Barda chimes in that it would put this Batman one up on the original, since he was generally a part-time member only. Superman adds that the previous Batman was never really much of a joiner. Then Batman walks away saying “Maybe he and I have something in common after all.” Superman smiles and responds “More than you think, son. More than you think.”


Unfortunately, no additional information was given on the backgrounds of any of the JLU members. Time constraints and the fact that those details were not integral to the story provide the justification for this omission. Perhaps in a future Batman Beyond episode (sadly, highly unlikely!) or a future Batman Beyond comic story (please!), this information could be supplied.

While not really a bad point, one issue must be addressed. A few comments have been seen on various boards and newsgroups about the contrived nature of having Superman call on Batman to find the traitor. Having an outsider investigate a problem within the JLU made good sense. Even the traitor would have valued Batman’s detective, planning, and attack skills and bringing him over to the “bad guys” would have seriously crippled any resistance the JLU could mount.

While the point could be made that the JLU didn’t mount much resistance to the villain once discovered, that too, is part of the original story.

Finally, apologies if this review was so vague as to be vacuous, any more detailed information would have severely spoiled the story and revealed the identity of the villain for those that haven’t watched it yet. For those that have, it is hoped that having watched the episode, the somewhat veiled comments made here would be understood.

Reviewed by Zanna
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(by Robyn Johnson)

(This one isn’t really an EDITORIAL, per se, but more of a narrative exploration of Batman-lore. Enjoy!)

A single lamp casts a golden circle of light and fends off the shadows that haunt the corners of the room. I stnad at one of the ceiling-high windows and stare down at the glimmering city sprawled below. I sigh against the pane of glass, and my breath frosts the window momentarily, then I turn from the window to note the time. The old but stately grandfather clock stands sentinel against the wall…its incessant, interminable ticking fills my ears in the silence of the room.

An expensive oriental rug mutes my footsteps as I make my way towards the clock, but a loose floorboard creaks underfoot, and I stop for a moment to listen. Nothing stirs in this place.

The clockface catches the glow from the lamp and reflects a pale light that allows me to see the time clearly. It is ten past midnight, and all the world seems to be sleeping.

I reach for the clock and activate a hidden latch, and the entire clock glides sideways upon hidden castors with a faint shushing sound. A cool, yet somehow-warm gust of air wafts into my face, and a musty, mildewy smell…like moss or wet earth….tickles my nostrils. As I start my descent down the steep stone steps, a silence that is almost deafening envelops me and makes my ears tingle to catch the slightest noise.

The temperature of this place is cooler than that of the house; I feel myself shiver. A swarm of goosebumps scurries down my arms as I make my way into the bowels of the cavern, and the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand up, prickly like cactus needles.

I become aware of a monotonous, tedious drip…drip…drip as water oozes from the cave’s stalactited ceiling to fall endlessly into the chasm below. The rustle of hundreds of leathery wings and eerie, high-pitched squeaks bounces off the cavern’s enormous stone walls; this is the roost for a huge colony of brown bats. A stale but pungent odor that I cannot identify clings to the air. I wrinkle my nose in mild distaste, but I am compelled to go where my curiosity leads me. Swal-low-ing my anxiety, I continue down the endless series of steps, my footfalls echoing faintly in the cavernous gloom.

The stone stairs feel slick under my feet, and I reach out to steady myself, but the walls are cold and damp, and I draw my hands quickly to my sides again, loathe to touch the clammy walls. Slowly, carefully, I find my way to the cave floor, and I stop — frozen in awe and amazement.

The grotto is immense, rising above me and around me like a dark cathedral complete with “steeples” that rise from above and below. A few feet away is a precipice, and I inch towards it cautiously to peer into the inky blackness below. There is no bottom to the pit….at least none that I can see. At the lip of the crevasse, a pebble is loosened, and it skips against the vertical walls on a measureless plunge to the center of the earth. I shy away from the foreboding ravine.

A silence lingers, yet the cave is filled with whispery sounds that seem to come from nowhere and everywhere at once. Ghostly mur-murs seem to float around me, but there is no one around.

Or is there?

I am suddenly and keenly aware of a presence in the darkness. Something…or someone…is watching me…I am sure of it. An uneasiness drapes itself over my shoulders, cold and heavy like a wet blanket. I try to shrug off the feeling, but cannot.

And then I become aware of a soft, mechanical hum, and I make my way slowly towards the barely-audible sound. A pale, muted light seeps around a mammoth boulder just ahead, and I forget, temporarily, the eerie feeling of being watched.

I peer around the boulder and discover yet another cavern. But this one is dimly-lit and seems to house a bizarre collection of objects. I stare, dumbfounded, at the mementos displayed here, and I realize with singular conviction that these are trophies…prizes…. remembrances of battles fought and won. A giant penny that gleams dully in the faint light, a huge playing card branded forever with the macabre, grinning leer of a vengeful madman, a towering dinosaur standing vigil for eons in this cold, shadowy place.

And in a glass case that stands apart from all the rest (as if in silent tribute) hangs a costume. bright in its colors of red and green and yellow. An ache wells up in my heart, though I know not the cause, and a feeling washes over me.sad and melancholy. Is this a testament to another battle? A battle fought…and lost?

“What more?” my mind whispers.

And in an instant, but much too late, I am aware of a shadowy figure looming beside me, eclipsing all light and sound and sensation moments before I am enveloped in a velvety shroud of darkness, and I remember no more.

Hours trudge by although I am not aware of their passage. I wake to find myself on a wide, tall bed where sunshine streams through the window and splashes across my face. I rub my eyes in dazed confusion.

Was it real or merely a dream?

Due to demand by some of our subscribers, we’ve decided to give a “Letters to the Editor” section a shot. Feel free to submit something you’d like to say to us, and each issue we’ll choose one to post and then reply to. (NOTE: It can be completely uncensored, positive OR negative, though any coarse language will be bleeped out. We want this to be a no-holds-barred column!)

* * * * * *

From Anonymous:

as I,ve said a hundred times allready Batman beyond sucks!
the show sucks!,the toys suck! and the video return of the joker! mark my words it will suck! when are you people at warner brothers going to wake up and stop smoking super glue! people don,t want batman beyond they want an animated justice league of america! and untill you make one people like Paul Dini and bruce timm can go to hell!

* * * * * *


Well, there you have it – pretty bad grammar, eh? I decided to keep it as is – I promised I wouldn’t alter any text in the messages, right?

Anyway…as you can probably guess, this particular message was rather old (Sept 20, 2000), but I decided to include it anyway – good hate mail is tough to come by. All I gotta say is…are you happy, anonymous writer? After the release of ROTJ (which I think was terrific, by the way), the animated crew disbanded, BATMAN BEYOND was all but cancelled, and the JLA series was given the go-ahead. But was this a good idea? In past issues I’ve made my opinions perfectly clear about the JLA series idea (in short – it’s a great idea I’d love to see but it’s going to be very hard to pull off with style and substance – though I have faith in Bruce Timm), but to see it in lieu of other series’ (not so much BATMAN BEYOND, but the original BTAS series) is sad.

As for telling Dini and Timm to go to hell – that’s just not nice at all. After all they’ve done for us Batfans, for something like that to be said about them…like, why should they do anything more for us if that’s how we treat them? Most series of ANY type (animated OR live action) don’t last this long, so as much as I’d hate to see them go, I think that if they did leave, it would only be understandable. Anything from here on is just icing.

And that’s how I see it.



In trying to get people both more involved with the newsletter AND want to help them out at the same time, we’re offering anyone that participates in our NO MAN’S ISLAND column a chance to win unedited copies of RETURN OF THE JOKER.

The way it works is as follows: vote for the two characters you’d like to vote off the island. Of the characters that are being cast off or even nominated in that particular issue, we will randomly select one of these characters for our contest. Anyone who voted for this character will be entered into a draw, according to the e-mail address from which their ballot was recieved. Every issue, we will randomly select one e-mail address (from a hat, to make it fair) and that participant, if willing, wins a copy of the unedited movie!

You may vote for NO MAN’S ISLAND as often as you like, and are eligible to win once within each round.

If the selected winner for whatever reason declines, the will be another draw for that same week. The catch? The winner, if agreeing, must provide a tape and enough money to cover postage ($5 American) of the tape to and from their place of residence. There will be no extra profit for us at BATMAN: THE ANIMATED NEWSLETTER (as that would be illegal) or anything. We just want to get this movie out to more people as it’s not going to be definately released on tape just yet.

NOTE: I am not promoting the act of bootlegging videos for profit, I am merely looking for the cost of the tape and postage, so fans will be able to view the movie as it was supposed to be.

That said, let’s get voting! (And make sure to read the NO MAN’S ISLAND section below.)

(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

Two-Face and Mr. Freeze raided the Batcave last issue and the results were nothing short of catastrophic. Gordon has now officially joined the Batsquad, the Joker and Harley hooked up again, and Catwoman managed to disperse Gotham of Poison Ivy’s threat to take over the entire island with her flora and fauna. Now what will happen THIS round?


POISON IVY: “I’m APPALLED – there were too few women on the island to begin with, so you vote off ME??? The pro-male mentality society has sickens me.”
MR. FREEZE: “I am finally once again at one with my wife.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Nightwing practised his acrobatics on the horse in the Batcave, doing his best to keep his mind off of the events and travesties of the week prior – particularly the departure of Barbara from the game, not to mention the world entirely. A door next to him whisked open and an unmasked Tim Drake stepped out.

“Hey sport, how’re you feeling?”

Tim scratched his head and stretched. “Still awful.”

“You look pretty good after being beaten and out of action for, like, three weeks,” Dick mused.

“Bru…uh, Batman has already filled me in on everything that’s happened.”

He landed down on the padded floor and smiled. Ta da! “I forgot how much I missed just training in the cave here.”

“Yeah,” Tim sighed, rubbing his eyes. Alfred soon arrived through the same door.

“My apologies, Master Drake, but I must inquire as to whether you’d be in the mood for some tea.” Tim shook his head, uninterested. “But Timothy, this is herbal tea – it is a perfect supplement to the medications already in your system.” Tim still denied it. “It’s Jervis Tetch’s personal recipe – say what you will about the man but he can definitely make a superb pot of tea.” Still nothing. “Alright, I’ll just leave it here, in case you change your mind.” He set down the platter on a ledge and moved over to Nightwing, who was wiping his hands on a towel.

“What’s with Tim?” Dick questioned.

“I am just as baffled as you are,” Alfred replied. “And Bruce has noticed it, too. He says Tim’s still not 100% healed – but that can’t be all.”

“Where is he?” Dick continued. He watched Robin move across the cave and sit down in the chair at the Batcomputer, feet up on the keyboard.

“He and Gordon were upstairs…talking. He was showing him around the Manor, Gordon seemed very impressed; he refuses to look under his cowl, though. He does not want to know. And, last I heard, they were planning to have a meeting with Ms. Kyle later this evening – it has been about a week since they checked in with her – Master Bruce still wants to keep her under his thumb. She’s a valuable resource.”

Dick looked over at Tim and then back to Alfred. “Is he able to leave the cave?”

“Heavens, no,” Alfred retorted. “He’s in far too fragile a state to do such a thing! I would still say he needs another week of recuperation under his belt before returning to his nightly endeavours.” They both looked in his direction with some concern – but they were mostly happy that the poor lad was just alright after everything he’d been through.

“Where have YOU been all week?” Catwoman muttered from her place of rest on a crumbling precipice; she looked down upon Batman and Commissioner Gordon, standing on a rooftop about one storey beneath her.

“Thank you for eliminating Poison Ivy, but I suggest next time that…”

Catwoman promptly cut Batman off. “Come on, she had it coming – I did something you’d never be able to do. And you’re welcome.” She skipped down to the rooftop below. “Greetings, Commissioner.” Gordon just nodded; Catwoman smiled smugly – why did HE have to be there? She wasn’t into that threeway sorta thing.

“We’re hitting the Joker and Two-Face tonight,” Batman stated flatly. “HARD. We need all the aid we can get.”

Catwoman could hear the sternness in Batman’s voice. “What’s crawled under YOUR cape?”

Gordon stepped in. “They killed my -” he bit his tongue, “one of our team. Batgirl died a week ago.”

“Who did it?”

“Both of them did.”

Catwoman pondered the thought – she figured she’d have to go up against her old comrades-in-arms eventually, it might as well be now. “And Harley? I know she’s still out there, somewhere -”

“She isn’t our concern at the moment,” Gordon spat. “I’m surprised the buffoon has lasted THIS long.” Catwoman couldn’t agree more. “Besides, she’s probably shacking up with one of the two at this very moment – that girl doesn’t have the ability to stay solo very long.”

Batman nodded. Catwoman looked over at him; meanwhile, Gordon took off his glasses and rubbed his nosebridge to soothe his sinuses. “Here, take this.” Batman tossed the feline fatale a small radio communicator. “Keep it on at all times – I’ll call you when I need you.” He almost grinned. “I’ll keep in touch.” He shot his grappling hook across the street and swung away.

Gordon stood in his dust. Catwoman walked over to him. “So when did you join the Bat-team, James?” Gordon didn’t say a word – he was deep in thought. All he wanted was vengeance. Justice. Justifiable vengeance. He gave Catwoman the cold shoulder and moved over to a fire escape and began his descent down to the street.

Two-Face sprinted through the shadows, southbound through the centre of the island. He’d been on the run for a week now – and amazingly, Batman hadn’t been on his tail. Well, he didn’t know that. He might be all around him, waiting to pounce out of the darkness at any moment.

“You’re an idiot, Harvey…” he thought to himself. “You should have never gone into the cave, you should have never killed the Commissioner’s daughter – that alone brings six people down on you, hunting for your blood. How stupid – no, INSANE can you be??”

“ShUt Up!!!!” Two-Face responded within his head. “At LeAsT i DiD iT, yOu PaNsY – tHaT’s ExAcTlY wHy yOu NeVeR GeT aHeAd In ThIs WoRlD. aLwAyS mOpInG aBoUt – JuSt A cOmPlEtE wImP. yOu NeVeR gOt ReSuLtS aS tHe D.a. WhEn It ReAlLy CoUnTeD, aNd It’S ME rUnNiNg ThE sHoW nOw, So ThAt
ShOuLd TeLl YoU sOmEtHiNg.”

“I took a life – a daughter of a comrade, a ward of my best friend…”

“FoRgEt AbOuT tHaT pLaYbOy. If WaYnE wAs HALF tHe FrIeNd He SaYs He Is, He WoUlD’vE pAiD tO hEaL yOu By NoW. sOmE fRiEnDsHiP.”

“You’re wrong.”

“YoU’rE aN iDiOt. ThE oNlY wAy To SuCcEeD iN lIfE iS tO cUt TiEs WiTh AlL oF yOuR cOmRaDeS – tHaT’s ThE oNlY wAy To GeT aLoNg WiThOuT gEtTiNg HuRt. I cAn’T bElIeVe YoU dIdN’t OfF hIm In ThE cAvE – oR hIs pAiR oF bOy wOnDeRs. Or ThE oLd BrItIsH fArT. oR gOrDoN.”

“Stop it!” Harvey bellowed. “Go away!”

“Or ThAt HaRlEy ChIcK,” Big Bad Harv continued, “wHaT kInD oF a LaMe IdEa WaS tHaT??? ShE wAs NeVeR gOnNa Go FoR YoU – sHe AlReAdY hAs A fReAk Of HeR oWn To LoVe. WhY wOuLd ShE eVeR lOwEr HeRsElF tO sOmEoNe So SeCoNd RaTe?” Harvey shuddered – he did have a point – that romantic fling he was trying to start up was pointless. “HeH HeH – yOu CaN’t HaVe FrIeNdS, hArVeY…eXcEpT mE. yOu’Re StUcK wItH mE uNtIl tHe DaY wE dIe.”

He continued to run through the shadows; City Hall was in sight. There. That’s what he needed. Hopefully the Joker took his sweet time to get out here to get his weapons stash – maybe there’d be something more than his handgun left to protect himself with. This was true survival, now. Especially in the midst of raging paranoia.

“BoO!!!!” a voice hollered. Two-Face spun around and insane cackling laughter erupted around him. “HaHAHAHAHA!!!!” Big Bad Harv bellowed within the same head, “YoU’rE a RiOt!!!! I gOtTa AdMiT, kId, YoU’rE a ReAl HoOt, KiD – sOmEtImEs It’S tHe OnLy ReAsOn I cAn PuT uP wItH a FrEaK lIkE yOu.”

Harvey just sighed…of all the travelling companions he could have…why HIM?

Regardless, he made his way through the dying vines that had swamped his sector a week before, past the Scarecrow’s preserved body on ice, into City Hall, past the bed chamber – geez, Nygma’s corpse was really starting to smell up the place now – and into the Judge’s chamber. He crashed through the double doors and darted towards another door behind the Judge’s desk. “Ahem,” a voice said. Two-Face froze and looked sheepishly over his left shoulder. His eye shot open when he saw the Joker close the double doors behind him, a duo of machine guns in his gloved fists and straps of Joker-grenades cris-crossing his body.

“I see my little Timmy hasn’t completed his task at all,” he continued, smugly. Two-Face turned around totally and reached for the handgun at his side. The Joker cooed, “That boy deserves a good spanking.”

* * * * * * * * * *


Two-Face stared with his mouth agape at the Joker, still aiming his duo of machine guns at his cranium. The wound on his forearm had been patched up with a tied piece of torn cloth. He looked more like Rambo in that get-up than the clown he used to be. “What are you talking about,” Two-Face spat.

The Joker clucked his tongue before he spoke. “Come on, you must know everything now. Like I do. Classified information, ya know.” He grinned. “You didn’t…KILL my little Robin, did you?” Two-Face grunted, not responding; Joker took that as a no. “Good. I think we should invite him to the party, then.” The Joker discreetly reached into his pocket and pressed a button on a small control pad with a barely audible click.

Back in the Batcave, Robin perked up as his utility belt vibrated. “Whuh?” He popped open a small monitor and read the screen; apparently Batman wanted to meet him at City Hall.

“That Bruce?” Dick asked. “I thought he said you’d be out of action for a while…”

“Yeah, I guess it’s something big.” Robin headed towards the exit to the cave on foot; before he left he turned around. “You comin’ or what?”

Dick slipped his mask back on his face and headed off; he turned around to look at Alfred, and reassured him, “I’ll take good care of him, Al.”

“I pray you do exactly that. Godspeed.” Alfred watched with his surrogate-fatherly eyes as the pair of Boy Wonders left the cave. It was on nights like this that he realized that, selfish as it seemed, he was glad he could just stay at home, out of harm’s way. Yes, he often just shrugged this off as being dutiful by holding down the fort or being available to aid the injured – both of which were true – but sometimes, he just liked the comforts of this dark, barren cave. Especially on a night like this.

“See, Harv?” Joker held the remote controller up before his face; it, in fact, was one of those Bat-gadgets – some kind of homing device, it looked like. “While young Mister Drake was under my wing I managed to strip him of all his equipment. Yes, after I accidentally set off all the gas balls – geez, what a mess – and used his little Batarangs for target practice, my interest was caught by this snazzy little number. A homing device – with which I could find the Batcave if need be, or summon the Boy Hostage whenever I may need him.”

“I’ve already seen the cave,” Two-Face gurgled.

The Joker waved this off with his hand. “Yeah, well what do you know? I’m the one with the brilliant scheme here, I’m the one with the pair of loaded guns pointed at your head, and I’m…”

“Hey Haw-vey, whassup?” Harley burst through the door, taking a bite out of an apple. “Didn’t hear you come in.”

The Joker turned around. “I’m busy here…”

Harley gulped. “Eeep.” She coughed.

“We all knew it would come down to this, Harvey,” the Joker continued, “and I just can’t have you getting between Brucie and me.” Harley looked over at him – BRUCIE? Obviously she wasn’t in on the joke. “Three’s company…no…three’s a crowd – and in this case, with four, it’s just insane.” He chuckled deep within his throat.

Two-Face knew what that meant – he was very slowly starting to piece this together. He took a few quick shots at the Joker before diving out of the way; Harley dropped to the floor and covered her head, and the Joker unleashed a barrage of rapidly-fired bullets in the ex-D.A.’s direction. Two-Face clambered into the room behind the desk, desperately thinking of his net move. The Joker ceased fire for a moment and tossed Harley one of his Joker-grenades. “Come on,” he urged, “GET HIM.”

Harley shook her head. “But puddin’, he’s…” she sighed, holding the grenade in her hands, “…he’s my buddy.”

“Geez…” the Joker sighed – he pulled the pin out with his teeth and tossed it into the closet where Two-Face was hiding. “You can’t stay in there forever, Harv!” He continued firing; in the meantime Two-Face grabbed the grenade and tossed it back through the doorway; the Joker’s gunfire caught it and it exploded; the building rumbled and all three of them fell to the floor. The ceiling cracked and a part of it caved in.

Harley screamed, Two-Face groaned, and the Joker gasped in awe at such firepower. “Whoa.” He got back up to his feet and laughed. “Ready for round two?” He returned fire.

After about ten seconds, Catwoman almost coincidentally fell through the hole in the roof and landed on the Joker’s shoulders, taking him to the ground. “Am I late?” she delivered her one-liner to no one in particular. She swung her head around and sneered at Harley – with a little drool, too. Ooo, nice touch.

Two-Face didn’t actually see it, but he heard her crash into the room. “gReAt,” Big Bad Harv mused, “NoW wE hAvE hEr To DeAl WiTh – WaY tO gO, hArV.”

“She just saved me – and your sorry ass,” Harvey responded, “we owe her.”

“YoU kNoW sHe’D dO tHe SaMe To YoU,” the left side continued, “yOu’Re NoT tHaT lUcKy. NoW wE hAvE tO eLiMiNaTe HeR, tOo. YoU’vE jUsT dOuBlEd YoUr WoRkLoAd, BuDdY – jUsT cOuLdN’t ReSiSt, CoUlD yOu?”

Catwoman got up and listened intently; perhaps she’d be able to hear Harvey’s internal dialogue.





“Not without flipping the coin.”

THUD. Somewhere else in the building, he heard a loud muffled thud – two of them, actually. He didn’t give it a second thought.

“fInE, iF tHaT’s WhAt It TaKeS.”

He flipped his coin; the noise echoed through the room, and Catwoman heard it. She crept over without a sound; she slashed her whip in the direction of the noise – it whipped through the doorway and caught onto Two-Face’s hand, the one that just caught the coin. Bad heads.

“ThErE, sAtIsFiEd?”

“Ohhh, so we what do we have here?” Two-Face drew his gun on Catwoman, but she kicked it out of his hand. “You’ve lost, Harvey,” she continued.

“KiLl HeR! kIlL hEr!” Big Bard Harv chanted.

“No, she doesn’t kill, so why should I? I’m in no real danger here – she’s going to save me from you.”

Catwoman raised her hands and bared her claws, the points of which glimmered in the low light. “yOu IdIoT! dO iT!” A moment passed. “dO iT, dO iT! BeFoRe ShE kIlLs Us BoTh!”

He didn’t know how it happened, but Two-Face somehow brought himself to clamber for the gun he’d dropped; Catwoman kicked it out of the way. “Nuh-uh uh…” she taunted; Two-Face moved back as best he could and grabbed one of the remaining weapons in the room, aimed it at Catwoman’s head, and fired.


Nightwing and Robin crept through the rafters of the courtroom adjacent to City Hall in complete stealth; they could hear rumbling below, people shifting around, and so forth. Robin nearly lost his footing, but Nightwing managed to catch him. “You OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said, rubbing his head with a dazed look on his face. He kept walking, right past Dick and in a completely new direction.

“Where’re you going?”

“My tracer – says Batman’s this way.”

Nightwing scratched his head and followed Robin; something seemed amiss, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

Batman and Gordon slipped through the main foyer of City Hall and slowly made their way down the hallway towards the Judge’s Chamber; they could hear some fussin’ and fuedin’ coming from down the hall. Both men cautiously walked in silence as the noises erupted before them – they were so very close.

Two-Face stared at the bang flag in horror, and Catwoman smiled smugly. “Heh heh – loser…” The Joker’s decoy gag gun – geez, he should have guessed. Catwoman leaned in closer, but Two-Face kept tugging on the trigger with his fingers – over, and over, and over…until the gun exploded in a cloud of smoke. Two-Face yanked his free hand back and rubbed his wrist; as the misty smoke cleared he was shocked to see the bang-flag impaled into Catwoman’s chest. She staggered back, gasping. “You – SHOT ME…” she pushed Two-Face out of the way, turned around, clasped her chest, and painfully left the room.

The Joker looked at her as he picked himself off the ground. He wanted to say something – something witty, something crazy, something psychologically scarring, but he couldn’t. This wasn’t good – if Batman saw his lady-love impaled on a BANG flag, just who would get the blame? Then again…he realized she probably has eight spare lives hanging around somewhere – even more than he did. But, just to be on the safe side…”Toodles.” He grabbed Harley’s wrist evacuated the room and ran down the hall, using her as a shield. Only after he had made a considerable distance between him and his feline predator, it hit him. “Damn it, that’s what I shoulda said!” He stomped the ground. “Kitty-kitty BANG BANG.”

Robin abruptly changed his course and jumped off of the girders and soared downwards. “Robin, you said he was THIS way,” Nightwing pointed. He grunted and followed Robin – he was certain that the boy ain’t right.

“I aM sOoOoOoO pRoUd Of YoU!!!!” Big Bad Harv exclaimed aloud in a deep, gutteral voice. “lOoK aT hEr! YoU sMoKeD hEr!!!! ThAt WaS aWeSoMe!!!”

“I did…” Harvey said in shock. He couldn’t be seen here – if Bruce was coming – and he was sure he was – this would not look good, whether it looked like the Joker did it or not. Two-Face got up and sprinted out the door; he pushed the ailing Catwoman to the side, mumbled a quiet but halfway-sincere apology, and ran down the hall.


It was almost like it was in stereo – Batman and Gordon were just running down the hallway at the very moment he made his exit? Perfect timing, idiot. Catwoman collapsed to the ground and heaved with gasping breaths; Two-Face kept running – the story of his life.

The Joker heard it, too – he’d know Batman’s voice anywhere. “Puddin’, where are we goin’?” Harley queried as she was willingly dragged down the hallway. The Joker grabbed another of his grenades and tossed it behind him; seconds later, it detonated and the building shook violently. Harley squealed in both glee and fear as the ceiling shattered and plaster rained down upon them.

As the two clowns turned the corner they ran directly into Robin and Nightwing, knocking the smaller of the two back onto the ground. Nightwing quickly tossed a batarang at the two; the Joker ducked and reclaimed Robin but yet again, and Harley took the batarang to her forehead and stumbled back. He bent down to speak to Robin, whispering into his ear. “At least we meet again, Timothy. I must say I’m very disappointed in you.” Robin writhed and nearly got away after kicking the Joker in the shins; he bellowed in pain but kept Robin within his arms. Nightwing jumped forward. “Hold it right there, Richard,” the Joker warned, pressing his fingers into Robin’s temples; Nightwing was hardly unphased by the use of his first name. “I have a gang of some very nasty, upset people on my tail so kindly step out of my way.”

“Is she…?” Gordon asked.

“No…” Batman said, pressing his ear to Catwoman’s chest. Her breathing had slowed, but she was still alive and awake. Fortunately the bang-flag projectile blasted into the right side of her chest, far from her heart on the left. Her lungs were another story.

“I’m sorry, Batman,” Catwoman gasped. “I tried.”

“You’re going to be alright,” Batman responded – he actually smiled. He then turned to Gordon. “Let’s go – we’ll come back for her in a minute.” Gordon looked at Catwoman – she flailed her hand, as if to shoo him – she was convinced she was strong enough, she could handle this.

“I TOLD you to eliminate Mister Dent from the game, my young protege,” the Joker continued; Harley stood to his side, ready to pounce at Nightwing the second he moved. “And you failed. Hell, I doubt you even really TRIED. I’m very,” he punched him, “very,” he pinched his cheek, “VERY” he groped him around the neck “disappointed in you, young man.”

Nightwing pounced; Harley lept at him with a huge HIEEEE-YAH sound and fought with him in the background as her devilish beau continued to torment his young captive. “Now, I know you’re a strong lad,” Joker continued in a soft tone, massaging Tim’s muscles, “and good ol’ Harv is right behind me – Gordon too, actually. A perfect two-for-one special. Ice ’em both and I’ll overlook this entire mishap – sound fair?” Robin struggled. “Just peachy.” As he saw Two-Face approaching from down the hallway, he released Robin and pushed him away. “Now go!” He kept a gun aimed at Robin all the while.

Robin nearly did what the Joker asked – Two-Face was right there, fast approaching, he knew he could do it – but then he saw Batman and Gordon about twenty seconds behind him, giving him an extra boost of confidence and security. Robin spun around on his feet and belted the Joker in the stomach; he bellowed in pain, but before he could react any further, Robin jumped on him and pinned him to the wall.

“You shoot him,” Robin commanded.

“But that’s no fun,” the Joker retorted.

“Like hell it isn’t.”

“Language…” the Joker warned; he tried to aim his hand at the Boy Wonder but Robin managed to keep his gun-wielding arm at bay. The Joker groaned again. “HARLEY!!!” he hollered.

“Sorta…busy now, puddin’…” Harley gasped, still locked in mortal combat with Nightwing just across the hallway. Nightwing tossed her across the hallway and she collided into the Joker; Robin lost his balance and the Joker flailed his arm and shot Robin in the leg; he went down to his knees, but just wouldn’t die.

The Joker grinned – especially when he saw the horror erupt on Batman’s face, even at this distance. He then resumed taunting, “Last time I saw you in this position, my boy,” he ruffled up Robin’s hair, “if I remember correctly…” and Robin promptly embedded a fist between Joker’s legs. He cried in pain – “YOU WERE WAY MORE GENTLE LAST TIME!”

Nightwing hit the Joker from behind, knocking him to the ground. He pressed his foot over Joker’s mouth and grunted. “Just SHUT UP.”

Two-Face continued to run – right past Harley – hmmm, she would have been a good shield – right past Robin – thank goodness he wasn’t able to follow him on foot – and right past Nightwing – it was sooo sweet of the Joker to take the fall like that for him, taking Nightwing’s attention right off of himself. Just lovely – until a batarang hit him in the back and caused him to stumble and fall for a moment.

“I have him,” Nightwing called to Batman and Gordon. They continued running over – but the closer they got, the calmer the Joker got. Until a chuckle reverberated deep within his throat. Then a nervous giggle. And then a gutteral, hysterical laugh. All attention in the hallway turned on him as he quickly pulled a razor-sharp joker card from his sleeve and threw it into Robin’s back. Before anyone could really react he pulled the pins out of all of the ten grenades strapped over his chest. Nightwing pulled his foot off of his mouth so he could run away in Batman’s direction to take cover, with Robin under his arm. The hallway was filled with insane laughter for about ten seconds until it was overruled with a chain of explosions.


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(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

This is one of my favourite sections, where I get to boggle the minds of all our readers! (Mwuhahaha!) This trivia is all animated-related in some form, and can deal with ANY aspect of the show or comics based on the show. Remember, answer the questions WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE ANIMATED CONTINUITY. Now have fun – let’s see how well you do! Answers are provided below.

WHOOPS! We had a bit of a blooper in the last issue. Let’s recap:

*520. Which of these villains has appeared on the animated series?

A: Egghead
B: Nocturna
C: King Tut
D: Black Mask
E: Corrosive Man

Answer to #520: B, E (Corrosive Man was an old BATMAN villain that resurfaced on BATMAN BEYOND with a changed character profile; of course, this is Blight I’m talking about.)

FIRST OFF, it was my mistake to say that Nocturna appeared on the series – I don’t know what I was on when I made THAT mistake. (She was in the planning stages to appear, but she never made
it.) As for the Corrosive Man thing – I remember reading somewhere on the net months ago that Blight WAS a redone Corrosive Man (I think Dini, Timm, or Burnett said this, but don’t quote me on that), but he also bears a great similarity to another lesser Bat-villain of the past named Dr. Phosphorus. One of our subscribers, Chris Jarocha-Ernst, caught this mistake and had this to say:

“Blight is more accurately based on Dr. Phosphorus, not on the Corrosive Man. Look at the origins, to start with:
* Corrosive Man had toxic waste dumped on him
* Dr. Phosphorus was caught in a nuclear explosion
* Blight was created by radiation treatment to cure a virus he’d been infected with.

At least Dr. P. and Blight have radiation in common. Now look at their appearances:

* Corrosive Man has a skull-like face with vapors coming out of his eyes and off of his glowing green body.
* Dr. Phosphorus has a glowing yellow (first) or green (later) body with translucent skin showing his skeleton.
* Blight has a glowing green body with translucent skin showing his glowing green skeleton.

Hmmm…you raise some valid points there, he can resemble both. Now if we could only get whomever created Blight to help us out here…it was either Dini, Timm, Burnett, or Murakami (as they all had a part in creating “BATMAN BEYOND” from the get-go), so if anyone can provide us any help, please, feel free. 🙂


521. Who provided Talia’s voice in the BEYOND episode OUT OF THE PAST.

Answer: _________________

522. Which of the Baldwin brothers provided the voice of Charles “Big Time” Bigelow?

Answer: _________________

523. Lauren Tom provides the voice for what superhero on BATAMN BEYOND?

Answer: _________________

524. In which episode of BEYOND does Tim Curry provide a voice?

Answer: _________________

525. Who provides the voice of Poison Ivy in her cameo on BATMAN BEEYOND?

Answer to #521: Olivia Hussey
Answer to #522: William Baldwin
Answer to #523: Green Lantern
Answer to #524: FINAL CUT
Answer to #525: Uhhh…Ivy has yet to make a cameo, so no one did her voice.
(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

Here is a section that just points out various little facts and bloopers that we have noticed while watching BTAS, STAS and BEYOND countless times. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to do so! Enjoy!

Alas, we have nothing. Again!

(by Kevin King)
1) In the BATMAN & ROBIN ADVENTURES ANNUAL #1, 1996 (the sequel to MASK OF THE PHANTASM), Bruce Wayne is attacked by a female villain and gets scratched on one of his cheeks. In the next chapter it is bandaged, but on the opposite cheek. The two chapters were done by two different artists which accounts for the difference – although I believe that is what an editor is for.
(by Marc Rosenzweig)

Yep, you may remember Mr. Rosenzweig as our exclusive scooper at ToyFair 2001 from a few issues ago. Well, he’s back with a semi-regular column all about figures and other bits of Bat-merchandise! Enjoy!

* * * *

Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome back to another episode of FIGURE THIS OUT…

Where toys are meant to be ripped out of the package & played with!!!

Today’s saga unfolds as I attempt to get Hasbro Toys to dish the dirt on a line of Batman Action Figures. A variety of five “new”(re-painted or “NEW DECO”) Batman Animated figures seemed to have sneaked out onto the marketplace without any advertisements or promotions to support it.

Introducing SPECTRUM OF THE BAT Animated Assortment.

Plot Premise of the line: Joker has stolen a communications satellite from the military. He plans to capture Batman and Robin by using it to intercept all frequencies and transmissions in Gotham City. This allows Joker the ability to monitor all avenues of communicating on the broadband “SPECTRUM” (telephones, TV, short-wave radios, AM/FM, computer/internet traffic). In an attempt to figure out where Batman is as well as revealing the location of the Batcave and to control Gotham City at the same time.

Batman must don specially designed gear (this means very colourful costumes) and equipment (variety of different vehicles used) which would jam up the signals being picked up by the Joker’s “TERRORCAST” Satellite. This will help Batman avoid the Joker’s evil plot to flush out the dynamic duo and their command center hide away. Using his detective abilities along with his “new” Gear and equipment, Batman, with Robin’s help, hopes to find the Joker & send him back to Arkham before the Joker can discover the secret identity & whereabouts of Batman and his Batcave as well as destroy the city.

The five figures are as follows:

TERRORCAST JOKER – This figure is the original “Machine Gun” (trench-coat) Joker figure from the Adventures of Batman & Robin Assortment released back from ’96-’97. Now this version comes in a cool color scheme. Check out the link below as I have photographed the old version loose in front of the newly released Spectrum fig.
(Add photo link)

ULTRAVIOLET AMBUSH BATMAN – The first release of this figure comes from the Duo-Force series back in ’96-’97. Quick history on the Duo-Force: This Duo-Force (D-F) Series was a combination of figure and vehicle released in the same package as a set and the different vehicles were able to snap together, connecting to one another to create a larger vehicle. This assortment included the first Animated Batgirl. Back to our Spectrum series, as the figure was originally released as a D-F figure with the Cycle Thruster. The new version (or NEW DECO version) is accompanied by a “land-ski” craft (in my opinion looks like a jet-ski/snowmobile type mode of transportation) which originally was the vehicle from the D-F line known as the TURBO SURGE. (Add photo link)

GAMMA BLAST BATMAN – Traveling around Gotham City in his newly designed “Gamma-reflecting” Cycle, he can neutralize incoming gamma rays at the same time he is projecting electromagnetic shadows. This makes the Joker see him in multiple areas all at the same time. Also, originally one of the D-F figs from ‘97(CYCLE THRUSTER Batman). This one was in fact the Batman that originally accompanied the Turbo Surge vehicle mentioned. It appears that the creative team at Hasbro just switched figs & vehicles to throw off the collectors.

(Add photo link)

INFRARED ARMOR BATMAN- Taking to the air in an attempt to keep the Joker at bay and guess where Batman will strike next, using his Jet Pak and Infrared costume, Batman tries to lock onto the satellites transmission… As this fig & vehicle toy comes from the D-F too, it used to be known as VECTORWING Batman.
(Add photo link)

X-RAY ASSAILANT ROBIN – This is a RE-DECO of the 1st original Robin from the Batman Animated Series 1 assortment glider and all. However, this Robin, although based on the Dick Grayson character is colored in the Tim Drake Robin colors of Red tights w/ black boots, trunks and gloves. Robin comes with his glider and assorted variety of bat-frequency jamming weapons. Following the plot basis, the glider is used to block out x-ray identification allowing Robin to watch over Gotham and hunt for the evil clown prince of crime and mayhem.
(Add photo link)

Now down to brass tacks! The good people at Hasbro gave of their busy schedule to answer a few questions I had about the line. Audrey Desimone and Paula Sacchi are both new to the company since the re-organization of Hasbro took place approximately 6 months ago. The Cincinnati offices were shut down and certain staff from that office moved up to the Rhode Island home-base offices where they are still unpacking boxes and maintaining a hectic work-schedule to bring us the Bat-toys we all love to play with. Although Audrey and Paula’s personal knowledge of the Batman lines was limited, they spent the time to ask the questions of their Batman Team staffers to get my questions answered! Now, to save you the readers from the boring business end of my conversation with Audrey and Paula, and to avoid you having to go look up certain phrases or words, I will be paraphrasing their interview with me!

Marc: Who are the key people involved with the Batman project team? Are there more than one team?

Re: each individual series of figures (ie: Spectrum, Mission Masters 1, 2, and 3, Batman Beyond Assortment)?

Audrey & Paula: The way it’s set up here, after moving the Cincinnati teams to Rhode Island, Hasbro’s main line boys’ teams has assumed responsibility for all product in their brand. Translated, there is a team for the Batman Mass-Market figures (Batman Beyond, Batlink, and Mission Masters 1, 2, and 3).
Now one category that they are not handling are the specials and exclusives that are handled by the CUSTOM PRODUCT GROUP (CPG) which was originally known as Hasbro Direct. This group does exclusives for individual retailers or groups of retailers (ie: Wal-Mart or Target exclusive).
Basically there is one core team that develops the main Batman product at Hasbro and then there is another team that does the product that is exclusive to various stores. These two individual teams both works towards the same goal, turning out Batman action figures, playsets and vehicles!

Marc: So, what your saying is Spectrum of the Bat was done by CPG? And for which retail chain?

Audrey & Paula: Last year the CPG handled the Spectrum of the Bat series. It was a line that we did with DC Comics and the figures are now available at what they call consolidated stores.

Marc: You mean like Odd-Jobs, Job-lots, National Wholesale Liquidators (NWL), Mace’s Closeouts?

Audrey: Yes.

Marc: A fellow collector told me that she found them in a Wal-Mart. Does that make sense?

Audrey & Paula: Its very possible, they were NOT exclusive items in the sense that a specific chain or retailer came to us and asked to have a line of figures made available only through them. These figures were done and sold in those stores and as we look to broaden our distribution of various lines, its possible that other stores could have picked them up.

Marc: You mentioned you created the line with DC Comics…

Audrey & Paula: When we design figures, we do it in conjunction with the folks that create the story line. For example if a line of toys is based on a movie, it’s done in conjunction with Warner Bros. If it is based on the comic books, we work directly with the DC people. That way, we are designing the most, “realistic” figures.

Marc: Who would have final say on what a figure is to look like, the accessories that go with the figure?

Is this done through Hasbro or DC Comics?

Audrey & Paula: It is BOTH. When we design figures, we do them with feed back from the licensor (WB/DC). There are times when we suggest thing & times when they suggest things. It is not an absolute any time. It’s a back and forth dialogue.

Marc: Last year when I viewed the Millennium Hasbro show room, there were two figures that were on display as prototypes to be released in the Batman Beyond line. One of them was the Anti-hero (villain?) Stalker. The other was a non-titled Batman figure sporting a clear head molded after the original Batman mask on a silver metallic body with the new Beyond red bat chest-emblem. It could be Bruce Wayne, or Terry Mc Ginnis (photos of these two figures were posted in my last article BTAN ). They were not released in last year’s line due to the series being canceled or due to the move from Cincinnati. What ever the reasons were, are we going to see these figures hit the toy shelves this year?

Audrey & Paula: We DON’T have plans to move forward on those figures. I cannot speculate what we would do in the future, but I can tell you right now, we don’t have plans to move forward with those figures.

Marc: Since the cancellation of the Batman Beyond (BB) show, and the production crew who worked on BB will now be focusing on Justice League of America Animated Series, I just have been informed that you are the licensee for the JLA action figures line. Is this true?

Audrey & Paula: Yes.

Marc: Will the JLA figures then replace the Batman figure lines for next year?

Audrey & Paula: We can not release details on our future lines. Our product line for 2001 is focused on Mission Masters 3 and that is really all we can talk about at this time.

Marc: As I was closing out the conversation with them, I asked if the marketing people at Hasbro take suggestions from “we the little people” (the fans). The response she gave me was a positive one. Audrey stated that they do take feed back from consumers and collectors quite seriously.

Audrey said: We take that feedback and work closely with WB and DC to develop product that will be acceptable to the market.



You MUST include your FIRST & LAST Name.
You MUST include your current age. Not your date of birth, just your age.
You MUST include the state you live in.
You MUST include your Email address.
LAST but not least…


Mind you, this is no guarantee that it will actually happen in our lifetime, but I have not lost hope or faith in the power of the masses to sway opinion.

SPECIAL BAT-THANX goes out to Dan of All American Alien Toyz for the heads up on Spectrum of the Bat line in the first place. If you are interested in buying these figures and are unable to find them, you can contact Dan via his website or check out Ebay as I see them there from time to time and they average between $7 – $10 each on eBay. Or, if you happen o be near a consolidation outlet, get your buns in that store and pull through those isles!

Also a very Big THANK YOU to Audrey D. and Paula S. for all their help and taking the time to talk with me. As well as the rest of the folks at HASBRO for being such good sports & putting up with my rants & tirades when I go off on tangents.

(BATMAN BEYOND by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

ISSUE: “Untitled” (#36)
WRITTEN BY: Scott Peterson
PENCILS: Tim Levins
INKS: Terry Beatty
ISSUED: March 7, 2001 (Cover date May 2001)
RATING: ****1/2 (out of 5 stars)

I’m with Robin. Why would Superman come to Gotham? Why would Batman need his assistance? “Alien Invasion? Interdimensional Demons? Nuclear Disaster?” It’s nice to see that there needn’t be a huge disaster to get Superman to come up to Gotham for a visit; he’s just here on a case, no supervillains or anything involved. That was a nice touch – it made the issue a nice relaxing read.

More than anything, this issue is about family and comradery. Of course, there’s the hitman from Metropolis searching for his daughter – Scott Peterson always a way to make these stories about “normal people” (not superheroes or supervillains), and the I can often relate to them on some degree. As much as I love (and, to be honest, prefer) stories with supervillains and evil schemes, they always need the human element that are more than present in stories like this.

As for comradery, there is, of course, the silent banter between Batman and Superman. I liked it how that, even though Gotham is Batman’s town, he doesn’t have complete supremacy over Superman here, or vice versa; they both take turns doing things. Batman confronts the mobs in Gotham, but Superman makes a note to be the one to confront the mother of the kidnapped child, as he is a lot more personable than the B-man is.

The writing, art, inking – everything was fabulous! GOTHAM ADVENTURES is definately one of the best kept secrets in the comic book industry.


This section gives a little bit more in-depth look into each monthly issue of BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES and BATMAN BEYOND. Below each comic listing is a link to the cover of that comic. TALK ABOUT SERVICE! The price for any of these issues, unless otherwise posted, is $1.99 in the US and…grrrrr…a whopping $3.25 (or higher) in Canada. (Both our editors and many subscribers are Canadian, hence the well-deserved “grrr”.)

If we are unsure of the exact date of when an issue is being released, just check out “DIRECT CURRENTS” at: for details.

April 4th
Synopsis: While attempting to save a damsel in distress, Batman finds himself facing the Joker and the Penguin. But something is not quite right…because Batman is missing! Robin and Nightwing cannot find their mentor anywhere and they fear the worst. Will Batman face defeat before Robin and Nightwing can uncover his whereabouts? All is not what it seems in this issue!

May 2nd
Written by Scott Peterson; art and cover by Bob Smith and Terry Beatty
Robin and Batgirl track down a ski-masked criminal who is targeting middle-aged males and sending them to the hospital. But what connection does this have to little-league hockey games?Cover:

April 25th
Synopsis: Terry comes across a childhood friend who has started to run with the wrong crowd, specifically the gang known as the Jokerz. Can Terry keep his old friend from going down the wrong path and beginning a life of crime – or is this a job for Batman?

May 30th
Written by Hilary Bader; art by Rick Burchett and Dan Davis; cover by Brian Stelfreeze
The Justice League Unlimited make their comic-book debut! One of the most popular episodes of the Batman Beyond cartoon show featured a futuristic version of the JLA – the Justice League Unlimited – and now they appear for the first time in the BATMAN BEYOND comic-book! Batman teams up with the JLU in a high-voltage adventure as they battle a new villain called Blacklight!

-Sign a petition in an attempt to get a soundtrack CD set of BTAS music produced! Go here:
-According to the Billboard Charts, ROTJ was the sixth-highest selling kids’ genre video in 2000.
-Wonder Woman will be doing Minute Maid promotions and advertisements for their Premium orange juices over the next few months. Thanks to Don Huff for the scoop!
-The following artists are selling artwork on eBay. The following are their names and Seller ID’s:
Terry Beatty:
Craig Rousseau: cerousseau
Tim Levins: tlevins
Min S. Ku: min3000gt

-Zeta returns in the final BATMAN BEYOND episode on April 14th – and he’ll look like he does on his series, not with the boomerang head he sports in his origin episode.
-Batman will also appear in the new episode of ZETA, debuting that same day.
-BATMAN BEYOND is airing on GLOBAL in Canada, again! Check out GLOBAL at 3:10am on Thursdays
*Bruce Timm is currently in Korea visiting the animation shop that will be handling the JLA series.
*Storyboards of the pilot has been completed and are ready to be shipped overseas to begin production.
*November 2001 will be the premiere date.
*The crew behind JL is still unsure whether the show will air as an hour or 30 minutes. It does look like it’ll be in a prime-time slot, though!
*There will be episodes focusing on specific characters. A Wonder Woman episode is currently in the works. An Aquaman episode is expected, and a Green Lantern episode (the premiere) has already been greenlighted.
*There will be a sub-plot throughout the season, behind each epic battle, that will lead to a big finale. (Much like how the first seasons of BATMAN BEYOND and SUPERMAN were structured.)
*The Injustice Gang? Maybe.
*The series will take place in roughly the same universe and continuity as TNBSA.
*New voice cast revelations:
Phillip LaMarr (Static Shock) – Green Lantern
Carl Lumbly (Batman: Sub-Zero) – Martian Manhunter

-Comic writer Paul Storrie will be writing two issues of the BATMAN BEYOND comic series; the first is set to be released in July (#23), and the other a few months later.
-In a chat conducted with Tim Levins, he has confirmed that the following villains will all be showing up in GOTHAM ADVENTURES over the next few issues: the Joker and the Penguin (), Talia, the Riddler, Clayface (), the Mad Hatter (finally!) and a solo Harley story.
Written by Scott Peterson; art and cover by Bob Smith and Terry Beatty
In stores May 2. Robin and Batgirl track down a ski-masked criminal who is targeting middle-aged males and sending them to the hospital. But what connection does this have to little-league hockey games?
Written by Scott Peterson; art by Tim Levins and Terry Beatty; cover by Bob Smith and Beatty.
In stores June 6. Batman and Co. investigate odd, possibly dangerous occurrences at a production of Macbeth and are surprised to discover that the leading man is actually a very large and malleable Arkham inmate in disguise. Yep, Clayface is back.
Written by Hilary Bader; art by Rick Burchett and Dan Davis; cover by Brian Stelfreeze
In stores May 30. The Justice League Unlimited make their comic-book debut! One of the most popular episodes of the Batman Beyond cartoon show featured a futuristic version of the JLA – the Justice League Unlimited – and now they appear for the first time in the BATMAN BEYOND comic-book! Batman teams up with the JLU in a high-voltage adventure as they battle a new villain called Blacklight!
Written by Hilary Barta; art by Rick Burchett and Dan Davis; cover by Brian Stelfreeze.
In stores June 27. The conclusion to “In Blackest Day,” guest-starring the Justice League Unlimited. Batman and the JLU battle the strange new threat called Blacklight for the life and power of JLU member Green Lantern.
-For more animated comic updates, go here:

-Here’s a more detailed look at the previously-reported upcoming October 2001 event at DC:
Written by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty, Art by Various, Covers by Brian Bolland, Six issues, Fourth Quarter 2001 The madcap madness of the Joker – one of the most heinous criminals in DCU history – is about to be multiplied a dozenfold this fall. When the Joker believes his days are numbered after a medical exam reveals a spot on his brain, he decides to go out with a bang – developing a way to `Jokerize` the other villains of the DC Universe and have them do his bidding. Beginning in Last Laugh, a six-part weekly series in the month of October and first week of November, the `Joker madness` then spreads into nearly all the DCU titles that month, as the world`s superheroes must face their already deadly enemies who now have unpredictable, murderous `Joker personalities`.
-Each of the “Big 7” JLA members will be recieving a prose-novel treatment in 2001. First up is a Batman novel by Alan Grant; each novel will sport a cover by Alex Ross.
-Unlike THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS running at four issues, Frank Miller’s sequel, THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN, will only last for three.
-Here is a preliminary cover of Catwoman’s new ongoing series (entitled CATWOMAN: VOLUME TWO):
-Later this year, DC will be taking a shot at attractive new BATMAN readers by offering a full-length, in-continuity one-shot by Greg Rucka and Rich Burchett entitled BATMAN: THE TEN CENT ADVENTURE – seriously, DC will actually sell it for 10 cents! It will also tie in with an important upcoming BATMAN storyline entitled BRUCE WAYNE: FUGITIVE.
-Collections of OFFICER DOWN and DARK VICTORY will be available in late 2001.
-In June, a “OUR WORLDS AT WAR” crossover mini-series will run through Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Young Justice titles. Batman’s story, written by Ed Brubaker, features a war between Bruce Wayne and President Luthor, setting the stage for other big storylines later on this year. For the cover, go here:
-BATMAN #592 – An all-out brawl between Batman, Zeiss, and Deadshot.
-Greg Rucka says that in May, June, and July, a 3-part Mad Hatter story will be featured ‘TEC.
Here is the cover of 9:
-Also in DETECTIVE COMICS #759, a new back-up serial will start, finally replacing THE JACOBIAN: “The Search for Catwoman!” Batman must face having to take down Detectives Montoya and Allen after they commit a daring armed robbery. What is behind their sudden act of crime, and can Batman uncover the truth before more of Gotham PD fall prey to this criminal behavior? Plus, a special 4-part backup begins this issue, written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke and Cameron Stewart, as legendary DC character Slam Bradley investigates the missing Catwoman.
-GOTHAM KNIGHTS #18: Aquaman guest-stars to aid Batman in retrieving items lost in the Batcave when the earthquake hit a couple years back (like the giant penny, for example).
-LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #142-145 features a four-part “The Demon Laughs” storyline where Ra’s Al Ghul seeks the Joker’s assistance to obliterate Batman and take over the world (and so forth).
Cover of part 1:
Cover of part 2:
Cover of part 3:
-CATWOMAN #93: Catwoman and the Scarecrow clash again
-HARLEY QUINN #8: A plot against Harley is formed, and we learn more about her college years.
-HARLEY QUINN #9: There’s a price on Harley’s head, and everyone in Gotham knows it, turning Harley’s shopping spree into a deadly disaster. Meanwhile, there’s trouble brewin’ with the Quinntettes, the Stooges make another stab at capturing Harley, and a very familiar face to Batman readers joins Harley’s henchmen.
-HARLEY QUINN #12 will be an extra-sized issue featuring Harley, Bo, Surley, and Killer Croc.

-For videos of the cut scenes from the edited ROTJ video, go here:
-Paul Dini is pondering ideas for a second BATMAN BEYOND direct-to-video movie, but nothing, repeat, NOTHING has been greenlit by the studio just yet.

-The projected release date for this movie will be sometime in 2002 – but I wouldn’t say it’d be out til a year or two after that.
-YEAR ONE will be set in the 1970’s.
-Aaron Eckhart (ERIN BROKOVICH), originally pegged to play the young Batman, has now been said to be “set to play the young Commissioner Gordon”, according to E! Online.
-Jack Nicholson IS still interested in doing another Bat-film if he were ever asked by the WB; unfortunately, they can’t seem to get around the fact that his character died in the first movie.
-Read an interview with Darren Aronofsky here:

-Yep, you guessed it! The sequel-hungry WB is already planning a sequel to Aronofsky’s YEAR ONE adaption. Whether this is going to be based on the YEAR TWO comic storyline (which, in my opinion, is NOT that great) or another story (like a LONG HALLOWEEN or an original tale) is unknown.

-Word has it that Dini & Co. are moving well along with their script, and it may be in the second draft already!
-This is NOT official, but rumblings at the WB seem to indicate BATMAN BEYOND will make it to theatres before YEAR ONE does.

-Nothing new today…just expect it to revolve around Nightwing, folks.

-According to FANDOM, Ashley Judd has agreed to play Catwoman in the upcoming film; of course, this could be a mistake, and maybe she has actually signed on to play Catwoman in Darren Aronofsky’s BATMAN: YEAR ONE movie.
Go here for details:
-John Rogers is writing the script.
-Denise DeNovi (producer of BATMAN RETURNS) is producing the film.
-Batman has yet to officially have a cameo appearance.
-It looks like this Catwoman won’t even be named Selina Kyle…apparently a new “mousy geeky girl” named Patience Prude is donning the Cat-cowl. Ugh – what’s up with that?
-For a review of the script, go here:
-(Can someone please explain to me how this even works as a Batman film? Or even a spin-off?)

-More Batman/ONSTAR commercials are in the works! During the Academy Awards ceremony, a commercial entitled “Hot Date”, featuring an attack of the Penguin keeping Batman from being able to show up for a date with Vicki Vale on time.
-The fifth ONSTAR webisode, featuring (sorta) the Riddler and the Penguin, is now online, too.
-For a current airing schedule for the 1966 Adam West series, click here:
-Remember the WB show based on Clark Kent’s teen life that was going to be made? It still is –
and they’ve officially titled it “Smallville”. The lead role of the 15 year old Clark will be
played by Tom Welling; the WB has already order 13 episodes of the series for the Fall of 2001.
For some pictures of welling, check here:
-In related news, Kristin Kruek has been pegged to play Lana. For a pic of her, go here:
-Clark will have a run-in with Lex Luthor in the pilot episode.
-Michael Rosenblum will play the young Luthor, and John Schneider will play Jonathan Kent.
-Proudction of this series is underway in Vancouver, BC, Canada; the pilot episode is nearing completion.

-Sad news…one of the best and most official sites out there, the one at FANDOM.COM, will be shutting down, along with all the other internet FANDOM sites. We don’t have a specific date yet, though.
-More “Gotham Girls” episodes are on the way! Paul Dini has already scripted a Catwoman/Zatanna team-up, and it looks like Hilary Bader will be writing a number of other ones, too.

-The Superman: The Movie (1978) DVD will be released in Canada and the US on May 1st, 2001.
-A new Poison Ivy statue will be available on September 26 from DC Direct. Here’s a picture:
-A Harley Quinn snowglobe is due out on November 21. Here’s a picture:
-SPECIAL EDITION DVDs of all four live-action Batman movies (BATMAN, BATMAN RETURNS, BATMAN FOREVER, BATMAN & ROBIN) will be for sale by this Christmas! Included on these DVDs (particularly BATMAN and BATMAN FOREVER) will be additional footage, trailers, behind the scenes info, and more!!!!! We’ll keep you posted!
-WARNER BROS. STUDIO STORES are closing at the end of April 2001; this is somehow due to the merger between AOL and TIME WARNER a number of months ago. Bigger stores (such as in Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, New York) will stay open longer, but will ultimately be shutting down. Thanks to “Grimm Doomm” in Columbus, OH, for this unfortunate news.
-BATMAN: CHAOS IN GOTHAM for Game Boy Colour hit store shelves on March 28. Here is how FANDOM describes it: Ubi Soft Entertainment has signed an agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to create interactive adventures for the DC Comics` hero, Batman. Based on Warner Bros.` award-winning series, THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES, BATMAN: CHAOS IN GOTHAM for the Game Boy Color ships today.
An unprecedented double breakout of Arkham Asylum and Gotham Penitentiary has plunged Gotham City into an abyss of terror! Rallied by the brilliantly demented Two-Face, the escapees have initiated a massive crime wave, drowning the streets in violence and chaos. The police are overburdened and only Batman and his companions can restore order to the city, and bring the scoundrels to justice.
As either Batman or Batgirl, go on an all-out mission to unravel the convicts` secret scheme and return them to incarceration. Using Batarangs, grappling hooks, bombs, bare fists and more, battle Two-Face’s henchmen through more than 18 levels of crime fighting action. Navigate the Batmobile, Batcycle, or Jetwing and utilize a fleet of sophisticated Bat-vehicles in the quest to clean up the streets. With cameo appearances from infamous Batman characters, use everything to uncover and foil Two-Face`s plans of destruction and return safety to the citizens of Gotham.
Other featured villains included Bane, Poison Ivy, the Joker, and judging by some screen shots I’ve seen, Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, and Killer Croc may also be included.

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