Stormcloud Games and Rising Star Games officially announced today that the dungeon crawler game release, Brut@l, launches on February 9 for its global Windows PC release. The game will be released via digital retailers.

Brut@l is described as a stylized ASCII dungeon crawler. It creatures a procedurally-generated co-operative and single-player dungeoneering experience. Gamers can play solo or in local two-player co-op. The heroes for the game include the Ranger, Mage, Warrior or Amazon. After picking a hero, players then descend into a procedurally-generated world constructed entirely of ASCII. The goal of the game is to get to the 26th floor and defeat the Guardian of the Dungeon at the top.

As players descend deeper into the dungeon, they will fight more fearsome creatures. However, they will also gain more strength and experience, be able to craft and enchant weapons, use potions, and more. Players will be able to revive co-op partners if they happen to fall in battle.

Stormcloud is boasting that the game will feature an almost infinite number of dungeon layouts and enemy encounters. Another added feature of interest is the Dungeon Creator. With this feature, players can create their own dungeon and share their creations with other players.

Speaking on the release, Rising Star Games Managing Director Martin Defries stated: “Brut@l is an exciting and unique proposition and we are thrilled to partner with Stormcloud Games to be able to bring the game to PC gamers after a successful run on console. It’s a blood-splattered kick off for Rising Star Games’ killer 2017 line-up.”

Brut@l launches on digital retailers for Windows PC on February 9. It appears the game won’t be available on consoles for right now. You can also check out a new trailer for the game below.