MiroWin Stuio has been working on their new first-person VR shooter Boiling Steel for nearly two years, and they’re ready to put the game through its paces. A beta version of the game is now accessible on Steam Early Access.

Space is being colonized with ease thanks to the technology of the Engineering Corps, which allows a human to remotely control a robot from a great distance. This tech allows dangerous activity like drilling through alien soil to be completed quickly without any loss in human life or even a scratch on anyone.

Of course, humanity is often its own worst enemy, and when radical fanatics hack into the system controlling the robots, the bots go rogue. Now they’re dangerous and violent, and the Engineering Corps needs someone to get in there and do the dirty work of shutting them down. You’ve been elected.

  • 9 tools, each with unique playstyle, upgrades, and handling
  • Experience upgrade system: The more you use a tool, the more powerful it becomes. Be rewarded for sticking with a favorite.
  • Non-story missions are randomly generated to make each playthrough exciting and unique.
  • More than 40 combat missions equaling over 10 hours of action-packed VR shooting goodness.
  • A variety of enemy shells with a multitude of armaments, configurations, and combat style.
  • Overcome planetary security systems such as automated turrets, minefields, energy barriers, and more with smarts, quick reflexes, and puzzle-solving ability.
  • Explore cloud-city complexes, frozen structures, sandy mining platforms, and more.

Check out Boiling Steel on Steam Early Access today, and boil some bots. The game costs $19.99.

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