Developer THREAKS will be introducing Battle Planet — Judgment Day to the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC this October. It’s an arcade shooter where you’ll be traveling to many planets…but not staying long. Just long enough to blast everything in sight.

You’re a wanted criminal (possibly for shooting everything all the time) and you’ve got to keep moving. Robots, aliens and a large military army will all hunt you down relentlessly on every planet. But that treasure’s not gonna collect itself, so you gotta shoot shoot shoot!

Thanks to random generator algorithms, each planet you visit in Battle Planet — Judgment Day will be different. “In order to create these unusual, spherical levels in the Unity engine,” says THREAKS, “the development team had to test a variety of custom approaches to physics, lighting and shading to make sure they created the right atmosphere for different events, enemies and biomes.”

You can hear more from the dev team by watching this behind-the-scenes video below. Hear from Art Director Max Schulz and Programmer Henning Steinbock as they cover some of the interesting technical aspects of bringing this game to life.

Battle Planet — Judgment Day will shoot its way onto Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC October 17.

Taking the role of a wanted criminal, players engage in a chaotic chase through the depths of space. They will need to shoot their way through endless hordes of military units, robots and aliens that block their path through a series of ever-changing planets. Players control events from a top-down perspective, which centers on the main character while the planet surface moves around them. In this thrilling action game, players never know what to expect – each session is different from the last.