Developer Larian Studios has been quietly working with Wizards of the Coast these past few months, building Baldur’s Gate 3 in secret. Now, for the first time ever, we get to see a bit of the upcoming turn-based RPG as the CGI intro is released.

In Baldur’s Gate 3 you’ll have all the classic D&D races and classes to choose from, and the option to play in co-op or single player modes…but the thing that should be forefront on your mind is that you’re turning into a monster. Evil forces abducted you, knocked you out and implanted a Mind Flayer parasite in your brain. This is going to be a problem eventually, but for now, your infection imbues you with extra powers that help out a lot in battle.

  • Online multiplayer for up to four players allows you to combine your forces in combat and split your party to follow your own quests and agendas. Devise the perfect plan together… or introduce an element of chaos when your friends least expect it.
  • Origin characters offer a hand-crafted experience, each with their own unique traits, agenda, and outlook on the world. Their stories intersect with the wider narrative, and your choices will determine whether those stories end in redemption, salvation, domination or other outcomes.
  • Evolved turn-based combat based on the D&D 5E ruleset. Team-based initiative, advantage and disadvantage, and roll modifiers join combat cameras, expanded environmental interactions, and a new fluidity in combat that rewards strategy and foresight.
  • Define the future of the Forgotten Realms through your choices and the roll of the dice. No matter who you play or what you roll, the world and its inhabitants will react to your story.
  • Player-initiated turn-based mode allows you to pause the world around you at any time even outside of combat. See an opportunity for a tactical advantage before combat begins? Want to pull off a heist with pin-point precision? Need to escape a fiendish trap? Split your party, prepare ambushes, sneak in the darkness — and create your own luck!

Baldur’s Gate 3 will arrive on PC later this year in Early Access form.

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