Virtual reality can take you a lot of places. The potential is endless. For example, you can put on a pair of goggles and escape to….a confined one-room radio station in the middle of nowhere. If the limiting choice of locale for the upcoming VR game Area Man Lives sounds odd, wait’ll you hear this: the game expects you to speak to it.

You’re the DJ, and you’re hosting the afternoon show. You WILL be speaking with callers, your producer, and other people, and you’d better keep them pleased. The job is demanding enough without repeated news stories coming in about some strange “area man.” To say more would be to give spoilers.

Area Man Lives is based on a previous VR game, Untethered, created by Numinous Games. Another studio, Cyan Ventures, is re-imagining and completing the game under a new title.

“Numinous is such an exemplary group of humans, with an uncanny ability to tell stories that resonate with life,” says Rand Miller of Cyan. It’s humbling for us to be able to help in some small way as Numinous continues to sub-create small worlds that make the big world just a little bit better. ”

“Who wouldn’t want to collaborate with Cyan?” adds Ryan Green of Numinous. “They are first-class world builders who know how to capture the imagination of their players. We’ve always wanted to re-imagine our first VR title Untethered, and give it the ending its fans deserved. We were waiting for the right partners, and boy have we found them!”

Numinous and Cyan have released a teaser trailer for Area Man Lives that tells you nothing about the game whatsoever. To see gameplay clips, you have to watch a different video entirely….a release date for the game has not yet been revealed.

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