“After The Burn” is a collection of post apocalyptic short stories, starting with a story of a small town besieged by a gang of escaped ex-cons, to an ice cream man that protects children from roving gangs of pedophiles. It’s an entertaining collection of stories, reminiscent of 60’s & 70’s pulp adventure books. It’s definitely not a book that inspires heavy thought, however each of the stories does keep you curious enough to happily read on. It’s full of everything you would expect mutants, gangs, radiation sickness even a half rat drug dealer. It weighs in at 177 pages, so it’s a pretty quick read. The variety of stories is a definite selling point of the book overall, even when it’s clearly borrowing from popular culture or recycling an over used idea. Such as a large white guard dog rescuing an ailing person, it still manages to hook me.

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