Bongo Comics, the publishing company founded by Matt Groening that mainly printed Simpsons-related material, exits the comic book market this month. It’s sad to see them go, but you couldn’t ask for a better sendoff than the tribute FilmSpringfield put together.

The eulogy consists of brand-new interviews and comments conducted by the site, from a wide swath of current and former Bongo workers, among them longtime veterans Bill Morrison, Ian Boothby and Eric Rogers. Bongo is the place where a lot of the industry’s current stars were given their first chance (like Gail Simone!) and many of them are in positions today they wouldn’t be otherwise. Morrison is the current editor in chief at MAD.

“It was like a big clubhouse, you know? There was a Simpsons video game in the main room that led to everyone else’s offices. There were always toys around. Designs everywhere for all of Matt’s different projects. You couldn’t help but be happy and enjoy your work in that environment. Matt made that place a lot of fun.”

Practically every month another story comes forward of a brilliant writer or artist being treated as disposable garbage by DC or Marvel. There are no such stories coming out of Bongo. Everyone speaks of creative freedom, kindly treatment from bosses, a joyous atmosphere….there’s a hint of tragedy to it, because stories like this are rare in the comics industry, and they will be far rarer now!

Read the full article at FilmSpringfield.

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