There is sound reason to believe Square Enix is about to release a demo for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We know this because….there’s no way we couldn’t know. The demo itself has somehow leaked and footage is not hard to find.

As everyone expected, the demo’s contents are strikingly similar to the original Final Fantasy 7 demo Square issued out with the Playstation release of Tobal No. 1 back in 1997. It encompasses the first mission in the game, the demolition of Mako Reactor #1, but throws in a few new twists. Such as….

(look away if you don’t want to know)

AVALANCHE’s bomb getting a nerf so that Barret and crew aren’t actually killing people. Instead, the bomb is meant to merely shut the reactor down. However, it still explodes anyway — President Shinra bombs it himself to frame them for a larger crime.

There is more beyond what was intended….dataminers have sifted through the code and this morning a massive dump of images appeared on an Imgur page (it’s now taken down). The images revealed some screenshots no trailer has yet shown. We’re assuming these things were stills left in the code and not part of the actual game, as they’re low in resolution and in some cases clearly unfinished.

RED XIII! He hasn’t shown up in a trailer at all! Yet he first appears in the Shinra Tower mission so he had to make an appearance sometime. Good to see they haven’t cut him out or “saved him for later.”

Another thing they evidently wanted us to buy the game to see is Cloud’s Wall Market dress. Doesn’t he look lovely?

There were at least 100 more images, but these were the two most revealing, and also I didn’t think to save any of them before the page was pulled. The demo should hopefully become officially available soon. Final Fantasy 7 Remake arrives in full on March 3.