The Past pop culture had influenced Japanese tourists on where to spend their vacation. The 1970’s Anime adaptation of the classic novel Heidi made many Japanese tourists visit the German Alps. The Hit Anime Attack on Titan increased the number of Japanese tourists who visited the Nordlingen walled city in Germany because the setting of the anime was inspired by that ancient city that has been around since the Roman Empire and the middle ages. The international tourist had been influenced by pop culture as well. Game of Thrones made many of its fans visit Croatia, Northern Ireland, Iceland, and Spain where the show was filmed. Most Tourist that visits New Zealand are fans of Lord of the Rings.

Now history may repeat but instead of a movie or TV show, a video game will influence people to visit one of the most underrated places in Japan. The Game Ghost of Tsushima may not only attract Japanese tourists to visit their country’s very own Tsushima Island, but visitors from around the world might take interest as well.

The Ghost of Tsushima is one the most popular and hyped single-player games right now with its 96% User approval on Google search. This Action game is also highly praised by critics on different platforms. Though VGChartz hasn’t revealed the number of sales this game has, It’s a mostly positive response on Social media is enough evidence that this game is a hit and could potentially be the game of the year. The game is a fictionalized portrayal of the historical event of the year 1274 when the Mongols invaded the Tsushima Island.

The Nagasaki Prefecture and the tourism board of the Tsushima Island see this as a free promotion of their homeland as a tourism spot and an economic opportunity that is why they partnered with Sucker Punch, the developers of the game. They worked together and created this English website

This page describes the plot of the game and also showcases the history and the landmarks of the Tsushima Island that you can visit. Despite the fact that it has been centuries since the Mongol Invasion happened. For sure because we are now in the modern age, the Island will not look way similar to the game but many of the Landmarks as described and portrayed in the game remains the same and untouched. The Residents preserved and respected many of their landmarks.

Through the website, you can see all the real-life historical and natural landmarks portrayed on the game that still exists in modern-day like the Watadumi Shrine, Kanatanoki, Mt.Shiratake, Komoda beach, and many more. You can have your virtual tour of Tsushima Island before you get to play the game through this website.

The website also features the mouth-watering cuisine of the Island because nothing more describes culture than the food people eat.

For sure once you get to play the game You can have the feeling of traveling back on time and see the perspective of a Samurai who fights to defend his land from invaders. There will be moments in the game though where you can enjoy the beauty of the Island in peace while alone.

At this moment we won’t be able to visit this beautiful Island in real life because of the damn pandemic but thanks for the existence of this game you can somehow see it’s a beauty by virtually at the comfort of our homes while we play as Jin and follow him on his journey.

For sure once the Pandemic is over, Many people will be looking forward to visiting this beautiful Island.