The only good thing about 2020 is that you don’t have to pay to attend Comic-Con! The festivities commence tomorrow and involve a variety of entertainment companies, most of which will be streaming their announcements and panels live for all to watch. Adult Swim in particular has three solid days’ worth of panels ahead, which begin tomorrow.

On Thursday, July 23, head to to watch the following informative presentations:

  • Look Who’s Bawkin’: Robot Chicken Live
    5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern
    Bawk, Bawk, Bawk! Join Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Breckin Meyer, Donald Faison and Katee Sackhoff as we bewilder them with our favorite Robot Chicken clips. Find out what they really think about the new season of Robot Chicken and send them questions LIVE using the magical services of the World Wide Web.
  • YOLO: Crystal Fantasy Presents Flying Lotus Fantasy DJ Set
    6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern
    Dear Citizen, you have been invited to the sacred genesis of Adult Swim’s newest, hottest show: YOLO: Crystal Fantasy. Followed by Wollongong’s hottest DJ – Flying Lotus. This early premiere and experimental experience is for your eyeballs only!
  • Adult Swim Summer Showdown Finale
    FIND OUT THE BEST ADULT SWIM SHOW OF ALL TIME, voted by YOU! Join our hosts, Matt and Max, as they recap the tournament and crown the FINAL CHAMPION!
    7 PM Pacific / 10 PM Eastern

The following day, July 24, head to the same address to experience the following:

  • Adult Swim Cosplay Cup
    4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern
    You showed us your cosplay in all its homegrown glory. Find out what our panel of distinguished judges thought of your submissions during the very first virtual Adult Swim Cosplay Cup. Catch their reactions and a live reveal of the winner.
  • How They Do It: Rick And Morty
    5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern
    It’s the special edition, extra-exclusive LIVE Rick and Morty commentary event and Q&A! Join Dan Harmon, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke and Spencer Grammer to watch classic Rick and Morty episodes and hear the secret ingredients and intricacies that went into building the most complex show in the multiverse!
  • Samurai Jack Showcase
    6:30 PM Pacific / 9:30 PM Eastern
    Come celebrate the release of Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time with Series Creator Genndy Tartakovsky, Head Writer Darrick Bachman & the Shogun of Sorrow, Greg Baldwin! The talent behind the show will show off never-before-seen footage from the making of the game. And they’ll be joined by the Adult Swim Games team, who will guide you through a playthrough of some of the upcoming game’s best levels.
  • Adult Swim Summer Showdown Finale Marathon Watch Party
    9 PM Pacific / 12 AM Eastern
    The people have spoken. We’re celebrating the finale of the Adult Swim Summer Showdown with a four-hour marathon of your winning pick.

Finally, wind things down with these events:

  • The Greet & Meet: A Virtual Q&A Countdown
    4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern
    Seize this chance to meet (and greet) a mystery cast member (or creator!) from the Adult Swim family! You’ll be racing against the clock on Instagram to get your most poignant questions and deepest desires off your chest and into the ears of talent you hold dear. Check out @adultswim on Instagram to find out how to enter.
    Toonami Edition
    9 PM Pacific / 12 AM Eastern
    Tune in for this special Toonami Edition of Adult Swim Con for new show announcements, behind-the-scenes looks at Blade Runner: Black Lotus (A Crunchyroll and Adult Swim Production) and Uzumaki, a check-in with the voice actors of T.O.M. and SARA, Steve Blum and Dana Swanson, and more!

Note that a truncated version of the Toonami panel will be shown on Toonami itself, live that very night (live on the East Coast anyway).

The virtual con begins July 23. Bookmark, park your tush and get ready.