Ken Snyder, a composer more popularly known by the name of coda, has had his hand in a lot of games’ soundtracks. He’s responsible for the tunes in Ready Only Memories: Neurodiver, Ancora, YIIK, Horizon Vanguard, Omega Strike, Grave Danger and many other titles. His latest project is the PC RPG XYLITH, and soon, you’ll be able to own that soundtrack.

XYLITH features an adaptive soundtrack composed in multiple layers that respond to the exploration and high-intensity action as players explore subterranean world of Eldriss and suppress an alien uprising. The key feature of the soundtrack is an 11-minute-long experience that takes listeners through all the soundtrack layers. Each soundtrack layer is also included separately for a more customizable listening experience along with music for the collectible music discs found throughout the game.

As for the game itself, XYLITH consists of seven diverse biomes with procedurally generated maps. Each area is full of dangerous monsters that’ll come after the first tasty thing they see. Crafting weapons and armor, and upgrading them with items you find, is the key to growing strong enough to reach the end.

The XYLITH soundtrack will be released in mere days — March 6. The game itself will come out one day later on March 7.

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