Before we go straight to the point, let’s look back at the evolution of the Xbox console.

When Xbox has first announced It was this prototype with the shape of the letter X. This aluminum case prototype was never released and mass-produced. It’s the bulky size and expensive aluminum casing might be the reason why it was canceled.
The one we end up having is the Xbox. It was launched to compete against Ps2 and Nintendo DS.

Xbox 360 was created to compete against Ps3 and Nintendo Wii. This is the first Xbox with online gaming and DLC features. It also introduced Kinect which lets people play games with their motion instead of controllers.
Xbox one was created to compete against Ps4 and the failure Wii U. It discontinued Kinect.

Now for this new generation, we have two different versions of Xboxes. The Xbox series X and Xbox series S will be competing against PS4 and Nintendo Switch!
The Release date of Xbox Series X will be this coming November 10, 2020. The price of Xbox series X will be $499.

It will have an option to play Bluray games and download digital games. People with a lower budget can buy Xbox Series S instead.
This digital-only console has a price of USD 299.

Series S won’t be able to play games with 4k graphics. That makes it more limited.

People can pre-order both consoles this coming September 22 of this year. Its all-access programs will have a monthly subscription fee. This subscription allows you to access their stores and play online multiplayer games. Series X will have a $35 monthly fee. The latter will be ten dollars lower. A two-year subscription might save you more money.

I have never played both consoles but Series S sounds like a disservice to me because it will make you lose access to many Triple-A titles. The weaker machine and graphics won’t give you the next-gen feel most new consoles give us.