Hack and slash fans should keep an eye out for Warlander, the newly-announced action RPG game from Clock Drive Games, coming later this year.

You’re a warrior resurrected as a weapon of pure destruction. Armed with a giant glowing sword, your fast reflexes and expert swordplay will make mincemeat out of all approaching monsters. Clock Drive describes Warlander as “Story-Driven” so there will be more to the plot than this, but the full narrative hasn’t been revealed. We do know your sword is actually alive!

“We drew inspiration for Warlander from games such as the classic Jedi Knight series and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which we’re huge fans of,” said Goran Rajsic, creative director for Clock Drive Games. “We struck the perfect balance of sword-fighting gameplay, an in-game progression system, and customizable RPG elements that captured the essence of the genre but also added our own twist to it.”

  • Brutal combat system with unique swordplay that’s fun to play yet hard to master
  • Ragdoll physics and mesh slicing giving you the feeling of cutting through real flesh and creating satisfying finishing kills
  • Challenging enemy variety that requires tactical thinking and skillful swordplay
  • Fully voiced storyline with immersive narrative focusing on the dynamic relationship between the hero and his sentient sword.
  • Vivid art and character design
  • RPG character progression with multiple combat abilities and upgrades
  • Explore a dark fantasy world filled with intrigue and danger
  • Replayable gameplay with different skills from skill trees
  • Use the environment itself as a weapon to crush your enemies

If development goes smoothly, we can expect Warlander to hit Steam in the third quarter of 2019. Look for the sword-slashing to begin this fall.