Fans of the Valkyrie Profile role-playing game series rejoice you can now play the game on to go. SQUARE ENIX recently announced that the game is now available on mobile devices as Valkyrie Profile Lenneth. Available for iOS and Android devices, the game adds new features such as auto-save and a new user interface.

Valkyrie Profile Over the Years

Nearly two decades old, the first PlayStation game in the Valkyrie Profile series hit Japanese stores in December 1999 from Enix for tri-Ace with the North American release almost a year later in August 2000.  It followed the Valkyrie Lenneth on her adventures through Midgard. As it was a great success, the game led to the release of two prequel games and several ports to various systems over the next ten years.

Players and critics loved how the game brought together classic RPG elements and a unique combo-driven battle style with a captivation story deeply rooted in Norse mythology, creating a unique game play experience. They also loved the timeless soundtrack composed by Motoi Sakuraba.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth Returns

Now, Square Enix is bringing the series back after an eight-year hiatus with their new mobile game. Square redesigned the game for mobile play with extra features and an enhanced, touch-sensitive user interface. You can now auto-save your progress and set some auto-battle options.

You can check out the new features in the latest release of Valkyrie Profile Lenneth in the video below.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is now available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play for $17.99. You can find more information on the game, its story, gameplay, and supported devices on Square Enix’s official website for it.

The game is already receiving great reviews from players and critics alike. If you missed the game in its previous incarnations, this is your chance to own this masterpiece of video gaming history.

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