Valkyrie Profile characters and events are visiting Final Fantasy Brave Exvius once more. This time five characters from Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth have been added to the game as a featured summon: Lenneth, Freya, Arngrim, Lucian, and Jelanda. Fans of the VP series will recognize all these characters as having appeared within the first hour of VP: Lenneth.

There’s more: players will be able to raid the Lost City of Dipan and challenge the boss Barbarossa. The following week (November 2 through November 8), the mysterious Tower of Lezard Valeth will appear, full of additional rewards to discover.

And in the event that you haven’t played the first Valkyrie Profile game….get on it! It’s never been easier. A port of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is available on the same mobile devices that Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is, and from now until November 8, it’s been discounted to $15.99.

The Valkyrie Profile Collaboration Event will last from now until November 8. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available now on the App Store, Amazon and Google Play.

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