The promotional campaign for Fox Searchlight’s Ready Or Not is in gear, and 30-second trailers for the film have begun airing in prime time….ads that are somewhat misleading. The TV spots cut the comedic elements out entirely and give the impression that this is a REALLY SERIOUS FLICK about a game of hide-and-go-seek where the losers die.

So…you might want to tell your friends that Ready Or Not isn’t taking itself seriously at all; that it knows how outlandish its premise is and rolls with it. The better peeks at the film we’ve seen reveal the dark comedy in all its glory. Check out this new clip that Fox just released, where the hapless bride (played by Samara Weaving) has just realized the situation she’s gotten into, and is shivering with electrified fear. Her husband-to-be enters the room, but only to get a drink.

Here’s a second Ready Or Not video that takes you behind the scenes, into the costume department, where they show off all the dresses that had to be created. The bride stays in her wedding dress throughout the picture, which continues to get torn up and dirtied (even by a goat carcass, we hear). To keep continuity, separate dresses had to be made for each portion of the movie’s plot.

Do you think you’re ready? If not, too bad — Ready Or Not is coming anyway, with a giant medieval axe. It opens August 21.

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