Artist Rights Distribution has announced they’ve acquired global distribution rights to two upcoming horror films, both of which should be ready to screen in North America later this year.

First off is The Lost Footage Of Leah Sullivan, starring Anna Stromberg and directed by Burt Grinstead. It’s a found-footage film about the titular teenager’s school project, researching a cold case murder. Her research winds up turning the case hot again, and putting her in grave danger (and since it’s found footage, you have no assurance she’s going to survive).

The second film is What Death Leaves Behind, about a man who receives a kidney transplant and, afterward, starts seeing nightmarish visions of what appears to be the death of that kidney’s original owner — a death that wasn’t an accident. Wait’ll the murderers find out — you know what they do to kidneys that squeal? What Death Leaves Behind stars Vincent Young and Erin O’Brien, and is directed by Scott A. Hamilton.

Artist Rights Distribution will announce later when they plan to distribute these films, and where they’ll be playing.

What Death Leaves Behind, directed by Scott A. Hamilton, tells of a man who, after a kidney transplant, experiences reoccurring nightmares he believes to be visions of his donor’s violent murder, sending him on a dark path of vengeance, leading to an unbearable truth.

The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan, starring Anna Stromberg and directed by Burt Grinstead, has also been acquired for theatrical release in the US. In the pic, an unedited memory card from a camera shows a woman’s school project about a cold case murder that doesn’t seem to be so cold after all.