Tools Up! is one of the more unique multiplayer gaming concepts we’ve seen. While most games you play with your friends have you destroying each other, or at the leasr helping each other to destroy someone else, Tools Up! tasks you all with creating something. It’s coming to us from publisher All In! Games and developer The Knights Of Unity.

Up to four players are cast as construction workers. Within a time limit, they must tear a room down and rebuild it in a nicer fashion, as per the specifications of the manager. Get it done on time and don’t slack off!

“The idea for Tools Up! was born during one of our office parties,” says Maciej Jaroszewic, Project Manager at The Knights of Unity. “We really needed a well-done game for four players that will be challenging, but so easy to pick up so that everyone will be able to pick it up. Even if that person never held a gamepad before.”

  • Start with four characters – unlock and love many more!
  • Organize your work! Are you more of a painter than a furniture pusher? Great! Suit yourself and do what you do best.
  • Remember: only the player who has blueprints can change the camera view. Use it for good… OR FOR EVIL.
  • Throw something (literally) to a friend in another room. Just don’t make a mess!
  • Unlock each completed campaign mission in Party Mode – master the levels with your friends!
  • Expecting fire and ice? No? Well, you should! The levels and environments of Tools Up! are rich and varied. Expect different weather too.

Tools Up! will be playable at Gamescom — look for the All In! Games booth (HALL 10.1, booth E052). If you can’t make it there, the game is coming to Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC later this year.

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