Next month, a new campaign pack for Total War: Warhammer II will become available: Rise of the Tomb Kings. It centers around the desert of Nehekhaera, once a proud kingdom and now a wasteland populated by undead skeletons seeking to bring back its former glory. Your main goal: shatter some bones.

Rise of the Tomb Kings introduces four Lord characters, bringing with them new gameplay mechanics, victory objectives, and storylines. You’ll also get the Tomb Kings field, populated with skeletal armies in structures like the Tomb Scorpion, Necrosphinx and the colossal Hierotitan.

Across the arid wastes of once-proud Nehekhara, legions of skeletal warriors and vast, terrifying constructs rise from the sands to serve their ageless masters. The Tomb Kings have awoken – to rebuild their glorious empire anew!

One thing you won’t find in Rise of the Tomb Kings is a supplementary story campaign — player feedback convinced Sega to axe that content. In its place they’ve added 2 additional Legendary Lords (meaning you’ll get four factions in all): Settra the Imperishable, Khalida, Khatep, and Nagash’s former lieutenant Arkhan the Black.

The Tomb Kings will rise from their graves January 23, and if you want a 10% discount, the pack is preorderable on Steam via this page.