Independent developer Kalank today announced the 3rd and last episode of its augmented reality mobile title TOKOTOKO will be released on iOS the 26th of May. On that same day, the complete game will also be released on Android. Tokotoko will be priced $5.99|£5.99|€6.99 on both iOS and Android.

Tokotoko combines the power of AR and imagination, with players drawing items in the real world on paper then seeing them spring to life on screen. Transporting players to an island, they must solve puzzles using their drawings to help the heartwarming Tokotoko creatures on their journey.

With the 3rd episode, Tokotoko is now complete. Join thousands of players amazed by the cute little characters’ adventures and challenges. And for the returning players, a new environment is awaiting; Peko Island, alongside a new activity “AR ghost hunt” and a final reward at the end of the story in the form of an augmented reality portal allowing players to travel to the Tokotokos’ world!

View the trailer below:

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