KOG Games is a publisher of free-to-play MMOs. This week one of their most popular offerings, Elsword, is announcing the grand opening of its fifth and final dungeon in the demon realm of Rigomor — Titan’s Grotto.

The Final Dungeon in the Rigomor Region has been released! The El Search Party is thrust into the colossal, albeit regal threshold of the archaic and resplendent chamber… known as the Titan’s Grotto. Take the El Search Party headlong into a battle that will not be forgotten.

You’re going to need to be physically fit to take on this challenge. Players must be level 99 with a require combat power above 450,000. The dungeon is open during specified times throughout the day, or can be opened if one possesses the Titan’s Grotto Key. A complete list of open times is displayed on this page.

If you log in for at least 20 minutes and participate in daily quests, you’ll receive help for the Rigomor journey in the form of item support. Logging in any time this weekend (September 14 or September 15) gets you three items automatically.

You can learn more about Titan’s Grotto and other such limited time events by heading to this page on the Elsword website. Elsword is playable on PC.

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