Warner Bros has released what they claim will be the last trailer for Shazam. We’ve got another month to go, and it’s Warenr Bros we’re dealing with, so I’m skeptical of that claim. Don’t be surprised if another trailer pops up between April 4 and now, but for the time being, here’s the “final” one…

The character with the lightning-bolt chest, played in adult form by Zachary Levi, is actually Billy Batson, a small boy who has the ability to turn into Shazam. He’s still Billy inside, and if you were a kid who could turn into a grown-up — a superhero no less — what would you do first? Billy does what we all would’ve done…..the thumbnail displayed below is from a scene where he confidently walks into a mini-mart and orders “your best beer, please.”

We like what we see in this trailer; a lot of well-worn superhero tropes get skewered on this kid’s path to superheroics. He attempts to leap a tall building in a single bound — and instead crashes through the 47th story window. He heroically catches a bus as it falls off a bridge….electrocuting it in the process. Billy’s got a lot of growing up to do, at least internally.

Shazam! will be out from Warner Bros. Pictures April 4.