As Captain Marvel marches mercilessly to massacre the movies this March, millions in moolah could materialize from merchandising deals. You know it, I know it, the higher-ups at Disney DEFINITELY know it. So what will Captain Marvel’s chest brand design be printed on this spring?

Merchoid gave us a look at what they plan to be selling once the movie comes out. This is just some of their lineup; check their website for more. Some of it is available now, while the products that aren’t can be preordered.

captain marvel

THE CAPTAIN MARVEL COME FROM ABOVE SNAPBACK CAP: Emblazoned with the starry symbol of Earth’s mightiest heroine, this ballcap will boldly shield your brim from cosmic rays. $26.99

THE CAPTAIN MARVEL MINI BUT MIGHTY BACKPACK: When you need a backpack that soars above all others, choose this pint-size but powerful example of book-toting heroism. $42.99

THE CAPTAIN MARVEL FURRY LITTLE HELPER GOOSE T-SHIRT: Carol’s exemplary feline is honored with this flattering image that will spark up conversations with Goose fanatics everywhere. $24.99

THE CAPTAIN MARVEL HIGHER, FURTHER, FASTER PREMIUM WOMEN’S HOODIE: With a snug fit yet plenty of storage area for pigtails, this spectacular hoodie goes above and — wait, this thing costs $72.99? Three-quarters of a hundred dollars, for a hoodie? For that price it better actually give people Kree powers. Geez.

One missed opportunity: none of these items truly look like they came from the 90s. Fortunately, the official website promoting the movie does. Captain Marvel will be shooting into theaters March 8.

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