Thanks to a real apocalypse, AMC has been forced to program a schedule that, for the first time in years, cannot lean on The Walking Dead or its many spinoffs. It’s been rough for ’em. Looks like those days are coming to a close, though…the network announced return dates for the three TWD shows.

Admittedly the franchise itself is a bit of a zombie at this point, but AMC still holds enough faith in the brand that they’re willing to keep multiple productions going. The main series was about to complete work on its season finale when the lights went out. Everything’s been filmed and canned for months; it just needed lengthy post-production to make it all broadcast-ready. The task is finished, so AMC has announced a belated airdate of October 4. They also cut together a new trailer:

This, however, does not mean more episodes will follow in the coming weeks. They’re still working on those — and they won’t necessarily be from Season 11. AMC says they’re extending Season 10 by six episodes, which will all air in early 2021. Yet they’re still calling this episode the “Season 10 Finale” for some reason.

On the same day that the “lost” episode of Season 10 airs, the latest Walking Dead spinoff will debut. Subtitled World Beyond, it focuses on the first generation of humans to be raised during the zombie apocalypse — meaning it centers on teenagers, historically the worst characters on TWD shows (we’re kinda worried about this one). It’s also a timed limited series, only planned for two seasons.

Finally Fear The Walking Dead, which has actually grown and matured to be the best of the AMC Zombieverse programs on the air, now has a return date of October 6. That means AMC will be making up for the Walking Dead drought in double time, running two shows at once. The fun begins this October.