The Padre, a new horror adventure game crafted in the spirit of Resident Evil and other such overhead classics, is out today on Switch and PC via Steam.

Choose to confront the horrors of a haunted mansion or — more wisely — just run away, because you’ve got a limited amount of lives before you hit a permanent Game Over! As The Padre searches through the mansion, he solves puzzles and unravels clues to uncover the truth of what’s really going on — and if it involves him.

Last time we talked about this game we mentioned PS4 and Xbox One versions, but those have hit a slight delay. When those versions are released, we’ll pass on the word, but developer Shotgun with Glitters said the delay could be at least a month.

Speaking of Shotgun with Glitters, they have a message for all those about to experience The Padre’s presence:

It has been a long and stressful road for us. Countless mugs of coffee and unslept nights later we can finally say it out loud – We’ve done it! The Padre is coming out worldwide. We’ve dreamt about this day for months and we cannot wait to see how it will be received by media, but most importantly, by the wonderful community of video game enthusiasts out there.

The project grew from our love of retro games and genres that for the most have been long forgotten – Point and Click Adventure games and the beginnings of the Horror Adventure genre. This is why we used voxel graphics (or if you prefer a less technical term, 3D Pixel Art), filled the game with easter eggs and made the protagonist a witty smart-ass, taking us back to the golden age of action films.

Of course, we left out some gameplay anachronisms that would make the game less-enjoyable but we preserved the aesthetic and feel as much as possible.

The IDDQD code is no longer necessary, so we’re leaving god mode off and the rest is up to you. We hope you will enjoy playing The Padre as much as we adored creating it.

– Shotgun With Glitters Team

You can find The Padre starting today on Nintendo Switch and PC, for a price of $19.99.

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