The Husband of Gail Mabalane is Unseen


Gail Mabalane returns to Netflix, taking on the lead role in Unseen, a crime thriller about a woman searching for her missing husband. Previously, Mabalane played a mother searching for her daughter in the first South African Netflix original, Blood & Water, which garnered international attention during its successful three-season run.

Gail Mabalane is only support on that show as she plays the mother of the two lead actresses Khosi Ngema and Ama Qamata. Now she is the lead character of her own thriller series.

Fans of the show are eagerly anticipating a potential fourth season. While waiting they can watch  Unseen and see the actress who played Thandeka Khumalo in a different light.


Unseen is a different project from a movie of the same name about a blind woman. Mabalane’s involvement in the new show is exciting news for viewers, as the team behind Blood & Water is also working on Unseen. With Mabalane’s talent and experience, the show is sure to be a hit.


Gail Mabalane in Unseen

Zenzi Mwale (Gail Mabalane) works as a cleaning lady to support her son while her husband serves time in prison. Despite their situation, she remains devoted and visits him regularly. Their vows reflect their commitment to each other. Although most people would leave their spouse in jail, Zenzi eagerly awaits her husband’s release.

When the day finally arrives, she discovers that her husband has disappeared without a trace. The authorities seem uninterested in solving the case, leaving Zenzi to take matters into her own hands. She begins to investigate the disappearance herself. Her obsession with finding the truth had the cops end up accusing her of killing her husband instead. More hurdles come her way because she finds out there are powerful people behind her husband’s disappearance. Unseen is coming to Netflix this March 29.