Looks like we were wrong about Jessica Jones being the sole Marvel Netflix program to still survive. Turns out Netflix ordered a second season of The Punisher before all this purging began, and we’ll get it sometime in 2019. Today they sneakily revealed a bit of it:

On the surface this just looks like a generic all-purpose Netflix trailer highlighting all their premieres for next month (the Trolls cartoon is in its fifth season….okay). But at the end, there’s a tag showing vigilante Frank Castle gearing up for another battle.

The second season of The Punisher may be the last “gritty” TV project we get from Marvel Studios for a long time. The company’s focus is shifting to please its master Disney, who’s launching their own streaming service in about a year. We don’t know the exact reason why Netflix has been dumping all these Marvel shows, but the oncoming competition is a likely motive.

Disney+ is being marketed as more of a family-oriented service, so murderous antiheroes probably won’t be welcomed with open arms. The two Marvel projects revealed so far, Loki and Vision and the Scarlet Witch, are more closely tied to the PG-13 MCU (down to using the same actors).

The Punisher Season 2 is the last of a dying breed…..let’s hope it’s good. Netflix has no revealed a specific release date.