High Octane Pictures is preparing their latest scarefest, Covenant, for an early February release.

A former army lieutenant receives word that his estranged mother has just kicked the bucket, and he must travel to the secluded Northwestern village where she lived to settle her affairs. He makes one vital mistake: he takes his kid along.

Turns out everyone in this village is a robed cultist, and they make a habit of sacrificing children to appease their dark overlord. There’s going to be a blood moon in two days, and they see it as a sign they need someone special. Cue the lieutenant’s kid. Daddy’s gonna need his gun….

Ever since Midsommar came out, there’s been an uptick in B-movies about deadly cults in the woods, and Covenant looks to be hopping on that bandwagon, with one twist: these people are either possessed by demons, or they’re actually demons themselves. Guess that makes them more dangerous.

Covenant stars Vikki Lenola as the witch Alexandria (see the video thumbnail image below). It was directed by Manuel H. Da Silva, and comes out February 4 to DVD and digital.

This February, they will hide in plain sight. From director Manuel H. Da Silva comes an atmospheric and chilling supernatural horror film to get the New Year started with a scare.

After receiving word of his estranged mother’s untimely passing, a reluctant former army lieutenant must travel to a secluded town in the Pacific Northwest to unlock the mystery surrounding her suspicious death.