The CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event begins in just two days. It’s being hyped as the biggest crossover in the network’s history, and there’s ample evidence to back that up. You see, this one doesn’t just bring together all the stars of DC’s ubiquitous current superhero lineup….it brings back someone from just about every previous live-action DC show that’s existed.

This is where we should point out that if you’d rather not know who’s going to cameo, you should turn around and read something else. The rest of you are fine with spoilers, right? Then we’ll proceed…

BURT WARD: The original-generation DC TV hero, Adam West, couldn’t stop by due to the evaporation of his corporeal form, so sidekick Robin will have to do.

TOM WELLING AND ERICA DURANCE: The stars of the extremely long, wheel-spinning, product-placing, NXIVM cult producing WB program will be turning up as their characters. Don’t be surprised if Welling STILL hasn’t suited up.

KEVIN CONROY: This is the coolest one if you ask us. He’ll be playing the elderly Bruce Wayne from the Batman Beyond Dimension, and darned if that doesn’t sound like a killer setup for a spinoff, if only we didn’t already have a Bat-Show on the air.

JOHN WESLEY SHIPP: Shipp played The Flash in a 1990 CBS TV adaption of the character. He already appeared back in costume in an earlier Flash episode, but he’ll be needed again…

BRANDON ROUTH: Isn’t he already there? Well, not as Superman — whom he played in the 2006 movie Superman Returns. Yet we’re told this will technically be a different Supe. What’s the point? Dunno….

ASHLEY SCOTT: Who’s Ashley Scott? She played Huntress in the 2003 WB series Birds of Prey….never let it be said this crossover doesn’t cover everything. In that show’s continuity, Huntress was the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, and that fact should make for an awkward conversation point with Batwoman.

BREC BASSINGER: Crisis even has characters who haven’t shown up yet! Brec is the star-themed star of Stargirl, a series that will premiere on DC Universe next spring AND have a run on The CW at the same time.

The one thing we don’t know is if any of these characters have significant roles in the larger plot beyond showing up, saying “Here I am! Aren’t you BLOWN AWAY by the fact that I’m in this?” and then flying off. Crisis On Infinite Earths begins this Sunday, December 8.