The Ark


“The Ark,” a new science fiction adventure series from Syfy and Hulu, will premiere soon.  It is directed by , He is the producer, directed  and writer of hits like and . In our current time we don’t have the technology to do interstellar space travel yet. It is because we can’t make ships that runs in the speed of light yet. Even in our own Solar System, the space travel is too slow. It will take 6 months to two years to go to Mars. Jupiter’s moon, Callisto takes 15 years or even more of travel. Going to an extra solar planet will take centuries or even millennium because they are that far.

The Ark official trailer

Ark One is a space colony on the lookout for a suitable Earth-like planet to settle on.

Because it takes place in the future, an excessive number of people may have made the Earth uninhabitable. The likelihood that the earth has vanished is also a possibility. Because the journey will take several light years, the majority of the passengers are in suspended animation. The spaceship has a crew that is awake and in charge of navigating the ship and flying the spacecraft. All the colony’s supplies are sufficient to keep the operational crew alive, but certain accidents will occur since damage to the ship awakens up the passengers who have been cryogenically sleeping.

They were quite fortunate in that some of the passengers who did awaken were incredibly gifted scientists and engineers. As a result, even if supplies are running low, they are still able to find solutions for mending the ship’s damage and keeping everyone alive. They turn into the best versions of themselves after going through a horrible occurrence that resulted in widespread devastation and the loss of many lives so that they can continue on their road and survive. The Ark is coming to Syfy and Hulu the first of February.