As promised, Bioware’s VIP Demo for their anticipated MMO Anthem is now live! The trick is downloading it, which many haven’t been able to do.

Gamers around the country today reported being unable to log onto EA’s service to download the Anthem VIP Demo, reportedly due to the servers being overloaded by traffic. “We’re sorry, but that EA servers have reached max capacity. Please try again later,” said the message greeting many who tried to log on. Some managed to get through, but not many.

At 7 PM Eastern, EA announced that the server issue had been resolved and the Anthem VIP Demo was freely downloadable to all….providing they meet the requirements.

Demo players will start out at level 10, with level-appropriate gear and weapons for their Ranger javelin. Freelancers will have the opportunity to explore Ft. Tarsis, begin meeting some of the game’s most important characters, delve the story and pick up missions to complete out in the field. Players will have the chance to battle their way through select story missions either solo or with others, as well as explore the environment in search of materials, lore and secrets in Freeplay. Those looking for an additional challenge in the demo can link up with three other Freelancers and unleash their combined power on a dangerous stronghold, one piece of the full game’s most intense, yet rewarding, content. 

The Anthem VIP Demo is the earliest version of Anthem released to the public. There are three ways to gain access to it: pre-order the game, subscribe for at least one month to EA’s Steam wannabe, Origin, or obtain a pass from a friend (each person who qualifies for the demo will be given two extra passes).

If you don’t want to preorder and you don’t have any friends, just wait one week. From February 1 through February 3, the Open Beta will be active, allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry to play the Anthem demo. The catch is that it’s a timed release that’ll expire on the 4th.

But by then, the wait won’t be long. Anthem comes out February 22 for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.