Independent game development studio Lost Robots released the second major update to Terraforming Earth, a roguelike puzzle platformer set in the near future after a mysterious virus wiped out all life on Earth, now available in Early Access on Steam.

The Environment Update adds lots of details to the levels to emphasize the post-apocalyptic feeling. This isn’t just a random dead planet. You’re on Earth. Humans have lived here just recently. And now you miss them and you want to bring them back with your industrious little robots.


* New free DLC Environment Update
* AI-generated levels (incl. boss fights)
* $100 Bounty for first unsolvable level
* Optional challenges (permadeath and time-pressure)
* A simple-to-understand but hard-to-optimize resource management
* Level curation
* Single-player
* Local co-op multiplayer
* Full controller support
* A story about quirky robots and environmental catastrophes
* Procedurally generated music