Here’s a forking awesome way to spend an hour. The Good Place Comic-Con panel, the last there will likely ever be, is now viewable online. But in case you don’t have the required number of minutes available, we’ve plucked the ten most interesting factoids revealed by the cast and crew during the event. If you DO have the time, the video is embedded below.

  1. Michael Schur has just finished the script for the series finale, but he did not share any of the details with the actors prior to this panel, out of fear the events would be weighing on their minds.
  2. Ted Danson stated he’s already picked up a potential new job — in a nameless show now in development from Tina Fey and Robert Carlock; Danson says he plays “the mayor of Los Angeles” but would not reveal any more than this.
  3. Manny Jacinto has been shooting his own behind-the-scenes footage between takes, in hopes of sharing them in something when all this is done.
  4. A two-minute long dance number was shot during Season 3 that has yet to be leaked online.
  5. D’arcy Carden says that in any scene where Manny says something, you should observe the other cast members’ cheeks or where their heads are pointed. D’arcy says if anyone looks directly at him they’ll burst into laughter and ruin the take. Michael Schur says that one day he came in late while they were shooting Season Four and was told that after one hour of shooting, they were one hour behind schedule. ONE LINE from Manny had caused everyone to lose it for that length of time.
  6. The staff on the show is about 50% male and 50% female. Jameela says the best part about this fact is that no one ever mentions it.
  7. Kristen Bell serves as director in a Season Four episode.
  8. Michael Schur hints that we will meet a new Janet this year. This is despite seemingly running through the entire Janet spectrum (Good Janet, Bad Janet, Neutral Janet).
  9. Schur also says he knows very little about the philosphers Chidi often brings up, and that two college professors on staff usually come up with all the references he makes.
  10. The final question went to Kristen Bell, who was asked what would happen if Eleanor met Veronica Mars. “That’s no contest…Veronica would absolutely SLAY Eleanor. So bad. SO BAD–she would DRAG HER. Eleanor would barely survive.”

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