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Intro to Dungeons And Dragons

Are you ready for your Intro to Dungeons and Dragons? D&D has been around a long time. It has also experienced a surge in popularity. Mostly from online shows and podcasts showcasing what’s great about the game. D&D can seem a bit intimidating to those not familiar with tabletop gaming.

There are tons of fun role playing games, my personal favorites being Fiasco (the game is basically an improv exercise), Dungeon Crawl Classics (their 0-level adventures, where you play “some dude” rather than a hero are a highlight) and of course, Dungeons and Dragons.

The newest edition, D&D 5E, has been out for a few years now, with plenty of materials out there to satisfy new and long time gamers alike. It CAN be a bit complex but only if you (or those playing with you) make it. However, Dungeons and Dragons beginners shouldn’t have a problem catching on to the basics pretty easily. There’s options for everyone, to play everything. The only limits are your creativity and imagination.

In Kyle’s series of Intro to Dungeons and Dragons articles you’ll learn how to play in a way that’s fun for everyone and get some great DM tips too.

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