We cover a lot of indie horror films on this site, and usually, though their plots may be far-out, they come with an explanation. Swiperight from Lumino Films came to us with no press release, no plot summary and not even what we’d consider a full trailer — just a bunch of random clips, followed by the promise that the movie is on the way. This is what we’ve got to go on:

A kid pushing a stroller offscreen, implying he just killed a baby
Ballet dancers practicing
People happily using the “Swiperr” app
Someone opening a spellbook and little crows flying out
A woman getting attacked by a crow
A crow flying into a little kid’s bedroom
A woman cosplaying as a crow on the floor (see above screenshot)
Somebody preparing a painful-looking syringe filled with orange liquid
The sharpening of knives
Shots of hallways
More crows
The title

What we do know right now: the movie stars Toyah Willcox, Sophie Ward and Ciara Hanna. What we gather: the cosplaying crow-woman is an evil witch, those were her hands holding the spellbook, and that she cursed the app somehow. We’ll see in the coming months if we have this right.

If we get more info, we’ll pass it along. Swiperight currently has no release date….just this: