Is it really that time again? Summer Games Done Quick 2018 is starting up this weekend. If it feels like these GDQ speedruns happen sooner and sooner each year, relax — that just means you’re closer to the grave.

For those new to the event, Summer Games Done Quick 2018 is the latest in a semi-annual string of charity speedruns where the best game players in the world pile into a hotel ballroom and tear through the world’s most popular and beloved games as quickly as possible, utilizing glitches (when allowed) and quick reflexes to make short work of your childhood. It’s all live, amazing to watch, and for a good cause. Games Done Quick has raised millions for Doctors Without Borders, and they’ll be doing so again.

This is going to be a landmark year — we can feel it. Games people have been demanding are finally making their appearances in the marathon: Celeste, Cuphead, and finally — at long last — the return of the Super Mario Maker relay! Super Metroid is also back after skipping AGDQ 2018, but it’s not the traditional 3-way race…one man is 100%ing the game. No word yet if “Save the animals” will be an incentive once more.

The strangest news? Super Mario Odyssey is also making its GDQ debut yet it isn’t truly on the schedule. Instead it’s listed as a bonus game, meaning it will only be played during the stream if enough people donate. This could mean we don’t get it, but we’d be surprised if the crowd doesn’t deliver. You can help too — it’s tax-deductible.

Check out the full schedule here, and watch the stream here. Summer Games Done Quick 2018 begins at 9:30 AM Pacific / 12:30 PM Eastern June 24. The stream starts with a bang with Majora’s Mask 3D, Resident Evil 4, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse and Kirby Super Star Ultra all on Day One.