Uncork’d Entertanment is bringing the UK thriller Stalked to American DVD and digital platforms next month.

Stalked centers around a young woman (who is not named in the promotional materials), just settling in to life with her new baby, when suddenly a van comes out of nowhere and kidnaps her. When she wakes up and escapes the van, she has no idea where she is…some kind of warehouse, evidently. But it’s about to get worse.

Whoever kidnapped her is now hunting her for sport, and appears to have kidnapped other women to do the same. Worse yet, the killer has high-tech gadgets at his disposal like drones that shoot bullets, and (this is really unfair) a nanotech suit that makes him invisible.

Is there any story behind why this is going on? Why was this woman chosen? And is her pursuer even human? (His voice sounds pretty robotic.) She’ll have to fight for these answers…

Stalked stars Nathalie Buscombe (RED 2) as its central character, and cites Saw and Cube as inspiration. It was directed by Justin Edgar, and shot mostly in one location. Check out Stalked when it arrives on DVD and VOD February 4.

A female-driven action film set largely in one location, Stalked focuses on a young woman (RED 2’s Nathalie Buscombe) that wakes up in a deserted factory where she is hunted by an invisible force.

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