Today’s the day your Space Hulk journey begins. Game developer Cyanide Studio has rejiggered the beloved Warhammer tabletop game Space Hulk into a new tactics-based video game experience. It’s the second Warhammer property they’ve game-ified: Cyanide has already produced two adaptions of the Blood Bowl board game.

In Space Hulk: Tactics, you’ll journey through a massive Space Hulk as either a Space Marine or an alien — both will be customizable through a unique card-based system. The game packs two different campaigns, both non-linear. There are several multiplayer modes, a map creation tool, and a mission editor inspired by the process of building scenarios in the tabletop version. Space Hulk: Tactics should have a huge library of user-created content before long.

On the side of humanity stand the Space Marine Terminators, genetically modified super soldiers clad in heavy armour and equipped with extraordinary firepower that turns them into effective walking tanks. Opposing them are the Genestealers, insidious inhabitants of the floating amalgamations of smashed-together starships called space hulks, hiding inside every pipe and duct, prepared to rend anything that comes close to pieces with glistening claws.

Space Hulk: Tactics is out now on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

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