If your being extremely careful to avoid the avalanche of Skyward Sword spoilers, its best to scroll on past this article…

  • you’re encouraged to get a shield before you leave Skyloft
  • the shield you can pick up is quite low quality, flammable and easy to penetrate
  • the province of the forest is quite recognizable to those who have played Twilight Princess
  • when you first hit the woods, you’ll be taught dowsing
  • in the woods you’ll find a strange stone with an engraving
  • you must hold your sword above your head, charge it up and strike the stone
  • this opens up a new path for you, complete with steaming holes that require use of your sailcloth
  • you’ll also find a mystical figure living in a cave
  • the first Kikwi you meet will tell you to visit the Elder Kikwi
  • the Elder tells you to find three other Kikwi
  • after you do all this, you’ll gain entrance to the Sky Temple
  • Fi doesn’t provide many clues while playing through a dungeon
  • bugs actually play an important role in the economy of the game
  • when battling Ghirahim, you can trick him by bringing your sword in one direction and then doing something unexpected with a slash in an entirely different direction
  • when you fight off Ghirahim, you’ll get a Heart Container and a strange shard that fits into the base of the Goddess Statue

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