Ship of Heroes is an upcoming MMO that’s a lot like City of Heroes, except it takes place on a ship. You ride the ship to various locales, beat up the bad guys in every city, and then travel to the next one. Ship of Heroes has been conducting alpha and beta tests since 2017. Today the game’s developers shared some new information on the tools and weapons they’ve been making.

ship of heroes

  • Ship of Heroes is showing their latest prop work from a future powerset for military weapons in this newsletter.  Assault rifle, satchel charges, grenades and a rocket launcher are all included. For this powerset, the props are an essential piece, compared to say blasting fireballs which does not require props.

  • While the items look awesome, they have been created to work in an MMO, with the customary SoH focus on FPS.  The Military Weapons powerset is a primary powerset for Devastators or a set of secondary powers for Support characters.  Most of the props are focused on delivering AOE damage.

  • Military Weapons powers intentionally create a lot of noise, heat, and flashes of light from explosions to suppress and distract a hero’s enemies from returning fire effectively. Heroes using the Military Weapons power set are good in all kinds of tough team fights and as solo operatives, but they’re not ideal for easier battles where reducing incoming damage isn’t as important as just killing the enemies faster. These powers are often paired with healing or defensive buff sets, which benefit from similar playstyles.

  • All but one of these props have been produced in-house by the artists in the Ship of Heroes development team. In the development of a powerset in SoH, the props, player animations and FX need to be developed by separate technical artists.  In this case, the prop work has been completed first so that the animators can develop moving and firing animations, and then the FX guys can create visuals for the explosions.  While the Military Weapons power set is not yet completed, the SoH devs felt that these props were worth showing off.

Next up for Ship of Heroes: the long-awaited closed beta test for the character creator. The test will include all currently available costumes and features, and will be open to anyone who has donated at least 50 dollars to the project. After that, Ship of Heroes will be testing the combat system in late 2019, and testing missions internally in early 2020.

Ship of Heroes is a work in progress and currently has no release date.


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