It was only a few days ago that we last wrote about Ship of Heroes, but within that time, Heroic Games has revealed a new location and published screenshots and videos of it. This is the hospital, one of the areas you’ll be able to wander around when the Character Creator Tool goes into closed beta this November.

To participate in the Beta, you must donate at least $50 to the development of Ship of Heroes — and the cutoff date for this is TOMORROW, so you must move fast. If you’ve donated before, but the amount didn’t equal $50, you can donate whatever amount will add up to that.

  • Ship of Heroes is about to launch a Beta test for donors focused on their character creation tool (CCT).  In preparation, they are revealing the interior of the Apotheosis City hospital. Beta participants will be able to run around in the hospital, and players will be able to get missions there in the future.  The hospital is an interior instanced map, similar to buildings in other games.

  • We’ve seen other parts of the SoH environment in the past, including the futuristic city itself, underground engineering tunnels, a nightclub, and an auction house where players can trade with each other.  The hospital has a completely different vibe; it’s made in a near-future art style that looks familiar to anyone who has been in a top-notch modern hospital.  Lighting is very good on this map.

  • The hospital is where heroes who ‘die’ in combat are resurrected, and there are vendors nearby selling infusions so that a character who needs to run back to their teammates can quickly grab a few consumables before returning to the fight.

  • The devs recorded this video without the UI, but they tell us that the FPS meter routinely shows a solid 110+ FPS in the hospital, even with music playing, NPCs walking around, and the player running through.

  • The upcoming Beta test is open to supporters who have donated at least $50 in total to the development of Ship of Heroes over the last two years.  This level was set in place at the opening of the SoH donation system 27 months ago.  Community donations are an important part of financing an indie MMO, and the devs want to reward their donors.

  • The devs have indicated that the next video will be something specific to the process of character creation itself, likely an example of using the morph sliders that have been built into the SoH CCT.  The Randomizers were shown in a previous video.

The current plan is to have an early version of Ship of Heroes ready to go for soft-launch in December 2020. The Character Creator Tool goes into beta November 1.

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