What is Ship of Heroes? Well, are you familiar with City of Heroes? This is a lot like that, except it takes place on a ship. It’s an MMO in which you ride the ship to various locales, beat up the bad guys in every city, and then travel to the next one. In theory this is better than City of Heroes because you get more than one city and the scenery is constantly changing, but the game isn’t finished yet, so its betterness cannot be determined for certain. We’ll see if they can pull this off.

Ship of Heroes has been conducting alpha and beta tests since 2017. They’re about to introduce their character creation tool, a pretty important component for a concept like this. It’s important they get it right, so the dev team put together this video to show you all how it works.

In this video hero Sorceress speaks to an NPC, explores the club, and shows off a few of her dance moves. The lighting effects, motion, and intense design definitely give the flavor of a party. Thankfully, the musical score is playing at a low enough level we can still hear ourselves think. Sorceress is the same hero we saw several videos ago, where she was explaining how augments and leveling work in SoH.

The SoH devs use this video to show off a couple of small improvements requested by their community. One of these is a new in-air jumping animation. Another element is music specific to locations and mission maps.

There are still several tests to go. Following the character creation beta test will be the combat beta test later in 2019, and if all goes smoothly, the official launch for Ship of Heroes will happen in 2020.

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