It’s the Dark Ages and you’re broke….what’s the best way to earn a living? Get your hands on some Shadowy Contracts. You’re an assassin for hire in the new open world RPG from developer Mark Nasr.

You’ve joined an organization that hands out contracts and assigns you to targets….find them, eliminate them, earn gold, wash and repeat. Do a good job and you may uncover some heretofore unknown secrets about your own heritage.

Once you’ve earned gold, you can use it on the typical RPG requirements: upgrades to your weapons and armor, special effects and spells that can only be purchased, and the like. When the Early Sccess version launches the game will have 52 weapons, 38 armor sets and 21 weapon effect spells to find…be assured that more are on the way as Shadowy Contracts reaches completion.

  • Enjoy more than 7 contracts and 4 battle levels – with more coming soon!
  • Loot and buy more than 52 different weapons, 38 armor sets, and 21 weapon effects/enchants.
  • Progress by not only looting weapons, but also learning abilities and spells using the talent tree.
  • Play your way with levels and enemies that scale with you.
  • Customize your character freely with an extensive character creation system.

Sign a Shadowy Contract with Steam Early Access and get your digital copy October 3. For the first week, the game will be discounted by 25% off its normal price.

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