When the Veronica Mars panel started at SDCC, we expected some kind of gift like a screening of the first episode of the coming Hulu miniseries, or the first two episodes. We didn’t think we’d get all eight. Neither did we think YOU would get them too.

Yes, the new season has been released a week early. Originally scheduled for July 26, it’s open to watch on Hulu this very second, along with the first three seasons. Holy marshmallows, Batman!

Veronica is back at Neptune, serving as co-owner of her dad’s detective agency. Logan is back on shore leave and she’s getting her kisses in while she can. There’s a new mystery as someone is trying to sabotage Spring Break, driving tourist dollars away from Neptune and hurting small businesses. Patton Oswalt is involved somewhere. And through it all, Veronica tries her best not to swear.

Creator Rob Thomas told a crowd at the recent ATX Television Festival that he had originally written the scripts for this new season assuming Hulu would allow him a little more leeway regarding vocal content. “The first word of the script was Veronica saying ‘f***”, Thomas said. “I had to rewrite that.” He put in a scene early in the season where Veronica and her dad make a bet as to who can go the longest without cursing, then inserted obvious substitutes every time a “f***” occurred in the script.

This move is…..incredibly cruel for a web reporter covering entertainment news in the middle of Comic-Con. News is arriving left and right, work is piling up, and it’s not like I can drop everything and watch this! I won’t be able to see a second of it until this chaos dies down and spoilers are all over the Internet. How could you do this to me, Hulu? What’d I ever do to YOU?

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