This is it, folks, this is the one you wanted — the official trailer for Infinity Train. For some reason CN let the site iO9 have it as an exclusive, rather than broadcast it to the world, but YouTube embeds anywhere.

We were about to complain about the complete lack of promotion from CN on the channel itself, but then we heard the “AI, AI, AI” opening vocals from Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” scoring this trailer, and suddenly all was forgiven. We also learned today that Tulip’s last name is “Van Helsing.” Any relation to the famous vampire hunter, or what? Depends on if it’s that kind of show.

It was only supposed to be a quick trip to Coding Camp in Wisconsin. But when young Tulip ends up boarding the wrong train, she becomes trapped within its cars — and the train seems to have no end. Fortunately she quickly meets two friends, one canine and one robotic, and they set off to solve the mystery of the Infinity Train, and by doing so, find a way to get Tulip off it.

Oh yeah, and if you boot up the Cartoon Network app, or if your cable provider has CN on-demand, you can watch the first episode of Infinity Train RIGHT NOW. That’s even better than a trailer! Infinity Train premieres on Cartoon Network with a weeklong event covering the first five episodes, starting Monday, August 5 at 7:30 PM. No word on when the ones after that will premiere.

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