The yeti. The great snow beast. The abominable snowman. The Himalayan bigfoot. His beastly form conjures primal fears, but also seems so human that he sparks a deep desire to connect with another intelligence.

And he’s probably just a myth. A recent study set out to examine the yeti evidence in an attempt to confirm its existence. Instead it proved that people convinced by the existing yeti evidence are kind of dumb.

A team of scientists took a look at dozens of samples of supposed “yeti” fur from around the world for analysis. They were all fakes, including hair from cows, racoons, horses, dogs, sheep, a Malayan tapir, and a human being. And a piece of grass and a strand of fiberglass.

However, while looking for a thing that at this point obviously doesn’t exist, the team might have found something interesting that is in fact real. Or at least was real until recently. An undiscovered species of polar bear.

Two of the samples, from Bhutan and the Indian Himalayas, are reddish brown fur that contain DNA very similar to that of the prehistoric polar bear. Do descendants of these bears still thrive in remote places in the Himalayas?

It sounds unlikely, but unfortunately for the poor yeti, it’s more likely that they’ll find the bears than the legendary snowbbeast.

Still, the scientists hold out hope.

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, and this survey cannot refute the existence of anomalous primates,” the authors wrote. 

[Source: Guardian]

 Image via Wikimedia commons

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